This Advanced Kettlebells Course is an extension to Level 1 where we build on the foundations. It will explode your array of exercises and will establish you as a Kettlebell Expert. The Exercises are challenging, fun and will add a ‘Wow’ factor to your training sessions.  We offer our Level 2 Accredited Kettlebells Course in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Australia Wide!

The course includes the Following:

  • Kettlebell Variations of Kettlebell Level 1 Movements 
  • Kettlebell Clean and Jerk – The most Technical of Kettlebell Exercises 
  • Alternate Holds and Presses 
  • Double Kettlebell Exercises 
  • Exercises that will annihilate your Core 
  • Kettlebell Programs that will add Tremendous value to your Business 

Here is Why YOU Need this Course:

1. Kettlebells are the MOST POPULAR training tool on the planet! Impress your clients by knowing exercises that have never been   seen before!
2. Help your clients see more fat loss, strength, balance, and power. Kettlebells produce HUGE results. Most importantly this leads to referrals!
3. Stand out from the over 40,000 trainers in Australia. WOW your clients and have steady income!
4. Learn how to get your Hourly Rate up to $500 per hour. We will share our Tabata and Semi-Private Training programs that can earn you up to $500 per hour!

Accredited With:

Fitness Australia for 8 CEC’s

REPs for 10 CEC’s

Physical Activity Australia for 2 PDP’s

Why Choose the Functional Training Institute?

1. We were Australia’s first ever accredited Kettlebells Educators
2. All of our presenters are Internationally Qualified.
3. We are Partners with International Kettlebell organisations IUKL and IKSFA.
4. You get unlimited Access to comprehensive resources such as videos, manuals and articles to further refine and sharpen your skills.
5. You will receive a Comprehensive Manuals, a  Certificates and 8 CEC’s!

What do others Say?

“Since completing my Level 1 and 2 certificate, kettlebells have become a large part of my own personal exercise regime and a play a large part in the programming I use for clientele. Kettlebells are versatile, easy to transport, fluid and promote functional movement which help create great results, FAST”

Ben Ly – UTS Fitness Centre Manager


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