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The Fundamentals of Powerbags Course is the First EVER Accredited Powerbags Course in the WORLD.

The Powerbags are one of the BEST tools for teaching people essential movements. The ‘Fundamentals of Powerbag Training’ Course Workshop is primarily focused on teaching hip, knee, and pressing mechanics.

These are essential and fundamental movement patterns that every client must learn. Too often clients are progressed to rapidly or taught incorrectly. The reason that the Powerbag is the tool of choice for establishing these movement patterns is the soft nature of the bag, the handles, the compressed load & the symmetrical load.

Not Only that but Powerbags are an AMAZING tool when they are used correctly. They are Dynamic, Fun and Challenging. You will Stand OUT from other trainers as you will deliver a HUGE range of exercises with perfect technique and your programs will BLOW their MIND.

We offer our Accredited Powerbags Course Australia Wide!

Here is Why YOU Need this Course:

  1. You will keep your sessions Interesting, Fun and Different. There are MANY brilliant exercises that can be performed with the Powerbag that can’t be performed with other pieces of equipment.
  2. Help your clients see more fat loss, strength and power. Powerbags produce HUGE results. Most importantly this leads to referrals!
  3. Stand out from the over 40,000 trainers in Australia! You will be able to Dynamic Sessions like no other Trainer


This Course will ensure you deliver the exercises Safely and with Expertise. The Powerbags are sensational for general population because they are soft, have easy to use handles and are far less intimidating than Barbells for new clients.

Proper Hip movements such as Deadlifts should be a staple of any good exercise program. However, MOST trainers do not know how to teach this to a complete novice. Our Course has a detailed system for teaching people how to move through the hips. We start from the ground, to kneeling and then to many standing variations.

  • You will learn how to get clients to squat properly and what that looks like.
  • Learn Hip Dominant movements such as Deadlifts, Cleans, & Snatches.
  • Learn Squat Variations Such as Zercher, Overhead, & the Laterally Loaded Squat.
  • The Powerbag works like no other tool because it is user friendly. It is soft, has easy to use handles and an equal load distribution.
  • Finally, you will learn how to create engaging programs that get AMAZING Results
  • Most importantly, we teach you how break down every movement so you become a better teacher.

Why Choose the Functional Training Institute?

1. We are the World’s first ever accredited Powerbags Educators
2. We have presented this course for 3 years to over 1000 trainers
3. We are Partners with John Brookfield and are the only endorsed Powerbag Educators
4. You get unlimited Access to comprehensive resources such as videos, manuals and articles to further refine and sharpen your skills.
5. You will receive a Comprehensive Manual, a Certificate and 6 CEC’s!

Accredited with

Fitness Australia for 6 CEC’s and Physical Activity Australia for 2 PDP’s

What do others Say?

“I attended the AIK course for powerbags and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of variety and programming knowledge that was passed on to us. The presenter was excellent in their delivery and I walked away afterwards with full confidence that I was competent to implement what I had learned with my clients.

I found powerbags to be a versatile tool that has great range in the variety of uses in programming as well as lots of fun! It catered for functional use, ranging from the complete beginner to the advanced client. We not only learnt how to use and train powerbags, we were put through our paces with practical activities and circuits so we could experience these great tools. If you haven’t tried powerbags, I highly recommend attending this course”.

Vaughan Carder, Forged Personal Training


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