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There are those of you who come from a group training background and others from years of personal training. Like anything one seeks to learn and understand, there must be a willingness to remain open minded and to appreciate that the old isn’t always the best way or even that the new is the grooviest.

By having an accumulation of experience whether as a group trainer; bootcamp instructor; small group operator or a personal trainer at large, this course has been designed for you.

The course covers Coaching and Programming in depth specifically for functional Group Training (FGT). We achieve this via a combination of supported theory and the practical application for Group Fx or Functional Group Training.

What you will Learn:

  • Learn what coaching mastery is about and how to apply it into group training
  • Learn and Apply programming principles specific to functional training
  • Learn what periodization is and how to implement to your group training
  • Understand and contextualise the difference between Semi-Private training and Team training

Course Outcomes:

The number ONE takeaway more broadly speaking is to…

‘Become a better coach via the coaching foundations and programming principles within this course’

The two ways of doing groups – Semi Private V Team Training

As the growth of functional training continues to rise, so the advent of the multi-purpose gym is gaining momentum. These days the commercial gym and smaller scaled ‘box’ gyms are offering a three tiered service:

  • Large group classes
  • Small group training (usually offered as ‘Functional’)
  • Personal training

This does not speak the facts about all gyms, whether large commercial or smaller ‘box’ gyms. However the trend towards classes is gaining momentum and depending on space, specialty and preference, it is either semi-private or team training if not a combination of both that is trending.

When it comes down to it there are some key differences and features between the two categories of functional group training as outlined in the table below. However the purpose of this course is not to program specifically for one and the other but to include an overall approach that factors in coaching and programming as the two fundamental ingredients for running successful functional group training classes.

Other systems may certainly ‘plugin’ as it were to this course such as any type of movement screen system or tool; types of tools used apart from what is taught in this course; and programming methods. This course doesn’t aim to restrict a coach can or cannot teach but rather is inclusive to other methodologies so long as they are conducive to the overall methodology taught in this course.

Group Types Other Names Amount of clients Key Features/differences
Team Training Large groups; Bootcamps 6 + (upwards of 25)
  • Less personalised
  • Easier to economise (more volume/lower cost per person)
  • Requires strong tone and command of verbal cuing
Semi-Private Small group training 3-6
  • More personalised
  • Charge more per person (premium model)
  • Requires more individual coaching


Why do this Course:

  1. Group training is one of the best ways to increase your revenue stream through semi-private and team training
  2. As a client you know that your going to have a much higher rate of success if you train with a partner because you keep each other motivated, this is the same with group training except you have a whole community backing each other up
  3. Group Training will bring you a HUGE stream of new clients and referrals at first to the group sessions and then this would splinter off into 1 on 1 private training sessions after they are taken by your engaging and effective sessions
  4. Stand out from the over 40,000 trainers in Australia! You will be able to produce metabolically challenging and engaging sessions like no other trainer


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