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Speed, agility and quickness are the foundation for all sports and activities. If you are fast, strong, and agile, there is no sport or activity that you cannot pursue. Everyone can benefit by incorporating these elements of training into their training program. The skills sets you obtain from our programs will build the foundation to give you the confidence to take on any task or sport.


  • Help improve athletic performance through all sporting code from football, soccer, netball, basketball etc.
  • Help improve running efficiency through improved running mechanics and technique.
  • Improve training time efficiency (Training smarter, not harder)
  • Improve career opportunities, approach sporting teams and group training (Football, soccer, netball, basketball etc..)
  • Minimal capital output (minimal equipment required)
  • Train anywhere
  • A Fitness Australia approved course with Continuing Educational Credits.
  • Speed, agility and quickness training is the most comprehensive functional training program you will find. It covers all spectra of exercise mobility, flexibility, core strength, functional strength, coordination, speed, power and fitness.
  • Also bring a new element of variety and fun to your training program.


  • You will learn fundamentals of speed, agility and quickness (S,A, Q) training and optimal running mechanics.
  • You will learn how to implement measures and evaluate athletic performance for assessing.
  • Show competency and efficiency in demonstrating and coaching the fundamental skills and drills of S, A, Q.
  • Be able design individual and group training programs for a broad range of athletes.
  • Learn 23 Speed drills and exercises.
  • Learn 11 Agility Drills/exercises
  • Learn 23 Quickness Drills/Exercises
  • Learn 22 Warm up and Mobility, flexibility, core and coordination exercises and routines.
  • Most importantly, we teach you how break down every movement so you become a better teacher.


  1. All our courses, coaching and training programs have been designed by coaches with more than 20 years of coaching experience.
  2. Experience includes coaching athletes from junior to senior competitors and from both State and National levels.
  3. You will receive a Comprehensive Manual, Certificate and CEC’s approved from Fitness Australia!
  4. We offer certification courses in Sydney, Cairns, Hobart, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and more!


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