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‘OnTheMinute’ – Kettlebell Chaos

Welcome to another Video of the Week, I hope you enjoyed your Long Weekend. My name is Dan Henderson founder of AIK and this week we have another great Kettlebell Workout & Programming Methodology for guys. This is Part 2 of 2 of our series of ‘OnTheMinute’ Programming & Coaching Methodologies. Check out Part 1.. read more

How to Enhance Motivation – Foster Relatedness

How to Enhance Motivation – Foster Relatedness

One of our 3 innate needs is Relatedness. I have identified 7 different ways we can enhance relatedness and in turn increase the level of internal motivation within our clients.   Priorities space in your sessions to talk Social Events Create opportunities for PB’s & Celebrate it as a group Individual challenge within the context.. read more

how to increase client motivation

how to increase client motivation

  Just Increase your Client’s Competence… ‘Perceived Self-Belief to achieve the outcome’ This is one of the key differences between a Coach and Trainer. A Coach understands how to increase a client’s competence through the prescription of the RIGHT exercises for their ability. In addition, they understand FEEDBACK. The type and amount are key. Feedback is.. read more

How to Increase Clients Motivation…

How to Increase Clients Motivation…

Autonomy is the freedom of choice and is the third innate lead within the ‘Self Determination Theory’. This is about understanding the client and their need to be empowered in the decision making process. Give them options and remember they know themselves better than anyone else. I have outlined a number of different ways this.. read more

Easy & Effective Exercises to Improve Thoracic Rotation & Mobility

VOTW: Easy & Effective Exercises to Improve Thoracic Rotation & Mobility Hello my Functional Fitness Gurus and Trainers Alike! For this VOTW we will be focusing on Improving Thoracic Rotation. In the past i have talked a lot about Your Thoracic Spine is in the Middle Section of your Vertebra between your neck and lower spine... read more

Shoulder Mobility Mini Series – Identify and Enhance the Overhead Press

Instructions on how to get a Free Course this week only at the Bottom of the Page Part 1: This Part of the Shoulder Mobility Mini Series focuses specifically on screening and correction of the Kettlebell Overhead Press We will be focusing on the Kettlebell Overhead Press. The key outcomes we want to determine is whether.. read more

10 Steps to becoming a Master in Functional Training

Seeking Mastery in Functional Training is lifelong process that takes time, commitment, passion and access to the best resources. I believe there 10 steps you need to undertake to become a Master in Functional Training. These steps have served me well in my journey and I know it will do the same for others that.. read more

Do’s and Don’ts of Functional Training

The functional training world has undoubtedly been rampant with fads and trends, some good, some less good and some downright ridiculous. But like any trends, people get lost in all the confusion and overreaction. This leaves room to discuss the rights and wrongs of the methods of functional fitness training, and get the real treasures,.. read more

Horses for Courses: How to Select the Right Personal Training Course for you

There are so many personal training courses out there. There are courses ranging from Zumba to weightlifting coaching and everything in between. With this plethora of courses on offer how do you select the right personal training certification for you? If you are an experienced personal trainer with an established clientele base then you should.. read more

Turkish Get Up WOD

Turkish Get Up WOD

Turkish Get Up WOD: The Massacre Part 2 The Turkish Get up Massacre we released back in June was one of our most popular workouts. We decided we could make this kettlebell workout even more challenging and improve it! Welcome to the Massacre Part 2! You start in a Turkish Get up starting position. The.. read more

Kettlebell Workout of the Week: Don’t Drop the Bell

Kettlebell Workout of the Week: Don’t Drop the Bell This functional training workout is much like our ‘Single-Bell Domination’ from back in January only it has some more advanced exercises! Get a clock ready as you are not allowed to put the bell on the ground for 20 Minutes! It really is a great test.. read more

Kettlebell WOD

Kettlebell WOD This weeks kettlebell workout ‘Licence to Kill’ is accumulating as many reps as you possibly can in 20 minutes. It is a 5 station circuit and includes the following exercises: Double Rack Squats Double Presses Double Reverse Lunges Double Bent-over Row Double Swings You complete each station for 30 seconds then have 30.. read more