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Kettlebell Endurance Workout: Don’t Drop the Bell

Kettlebell Endurance Workout: Don’t Drop the Bell This workout is very much an endurance based workout where you cannot let the bell touch the ground for the full 20 minutes. You continue to do as many loops as possible of the below exercises: 10 Single Arm Swings each side 10 Cleans each side 10 High.. read more

Kettlebell Workout: The Brutaliser

Kettlebell Workout of the Week: The Brutaliser Named for its sheer intensity required in execution, our Kettlebell Workout of the week is called the Brutaliser. A challenging combination of squat thrusters, renegade rows and suitcase deadlifts, this combination is guaranteed to burn! 24 Squat Thrusters 24 Renegade Rows (12 each side) into Suitcase Deadlifts 16.. read more

Kettlebell Ladder of Pain

Kettlebell Workout of the Week: Ladder of Pain This week’s killer workout is designed test your pain threshold. Keep a close eye on your movements and remember to breathe! 10 Double Kettlebell Long Cycle Clean & Presses 5 Burpie Suitcase Deadlifts 12 Double Kettlebell Presses 5 Burpie Suitcase Deadlifts 14 Double Kettlebell Squat Thrusters 5.. read more

The Finisher

Kettlebell Workout of the Week: The Finisher Designed to test even the fittest of individuals, The Finisher is guaranteed to get your thighs and shoulders burning! Reps from 15 to 1 15 Double Squat Thrusters then 15 Double High Pulls 14 Double Squat Thrusters then 14 Double High Pulls 13… 13….. 12 and 12 and so on to.. read more

Kettlebell Workout: 100 Reps of Hell

Kettlebell Workout: 100 Reps of Hell A special workout, the 100 Reps of Hell is designed to be performed with a single kettlebell. Prepare yourself for a 20 Minute AMRAP that will bring a tear to the Toughest Folk! 10 x 2 Hand Swings 10 x Right Hand Cleans 10 x Left Hand Cleans 10 x Right Rack.. read more

The Turkish Get-Up: Detailed Steps on How to Perform the Exercise

The Turkish Get-Up (TGU) is an incredibly beneficial exercise-when performed correctly. Traditionally the TGU is performed smoothly through 8 steps. Press Post on elbow Post on hand Bridge at the hips Bridge to one knee Turn knee so both knees 90 degrees Kneeling lunge Stand A number of variations of this kettlebell workout exist, whether.. read more

Terrible Twenty’s

Workout of the Week: Terrible Twenty’s Our kettlebell training exercise is guaranteed to make you love and hate the number 20! 20 Double Front Squats 20 Bent over Rows 20 Double Swings 20 Push-ups 20 Reverse Lunges 20 Double Presses 20 Double High Pulls 20 Double Jerks 20 Double Cleans 20 Suitcase Deadlifts Rounds for Time.. read more

The Slaughterer

Workout of the Week: The Slaughterer We did this in our Level 3 course yesterday and WOW! It is brutal! 50 x 2 hand Swings 10 Deck Squats 10 Dead Snatches each side 20 Minute AMRAP Females – 8 KG Males  – 12 KG Machines – 16 KG Good luck!