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Thinking and Feeling functional training

As human beings we are born with a desire to ‘move’ and then explore the world around us with the freedom of movement and the joys, wonder and happiness that brings. But how far have we come as a species when a large portion of us (and not just in the west these days!) sit.. read more

Battling Rope complexes

Battling Rope complex By Tarek Chouja Background to the Battling Rope The Battling Rope is one of the most versatile training tools that takes unconventional training to an accessible level By accessible, I mean it is not an exclusive tool for avid fitness freaks nor for athletes such as MMA. The versatility of the battling Rope.. read more

Unconventional Trainers Down Under

Australia’s Best Unconventional Trainers   People are looking for a challenge with their training and they want something different. It is these demands from the consumer that has led to an explosion of popularity for unconventional training in Australia. A few years ago, people would’ve thought you were crazy if you incorporated ropes, tyres, chains,.. read more

Unleashing the Kettlebell Pistol Squat

The kettlebell pistol squat is an impressive looking exercise. Not only does it look good but the benefits reaped are second to none. The squat requires great strength, balance, coordination, symmetry and mobility. The movement is beneficial for everyone including professional athletes and regular Joes. There are numerous benefits for incorporating the pistol squat into.. read more

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