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Kettlebells – One Of The Best Training Tools On The Planet

Kettlebells – One Of The Best Training Tools On The Planet

If you are not using Kettlebells in your training then you are missing out…… People all over the world are drawn to this incredible tool because it’s fun to use and produces amazing training results. The kettlebell is so effective because it enables you to develop strength, flexibility and cardio simultaneously. It is incredible for.. read more

‘OnTheMinute’ – Kettlebell Chaos

Welcome to another Video of the Week, I hope you enjoyed your Long Weekend. My name is Dan Henderson founder of AIK and this week we have another great Kettlebell Workout & Programming Methodology for guys. This is Part 2 of 2 of our series of ‘OnTheMinute’ Programming & Coaching Methodologies. Check out Part 1.. read more

Shoulder Mobility Mini Series – Identify and Enhance the Overhead Press

Instructions on how to get a Free Course this week only at the Bottom of the Page Part 1: This Part of the Shoulder Mobility Mini Series focuses specifically on screening and correction of the Kettlebell Overhead Press We will be focusing on the Kettlebell Overhead Press. The key outcomes we want to determine is whether.. read more

The Turkish Get-Up: Detailed Steps on How to Perform the Exercise

The Turkish Get-Up (TGU) is an incredibly beneficial exercise-when performed correctly. Traditionally the TGU is performed smoothly through 8 steps. Press Post on elbow Post on hand Bridge at the hips Bridge to one knee Turn knee so both knees 90 degrees Kneeling lunge Stand A number of variations of this kettlebell workout exist, whether.. read more

Unleashing the Kettlebell Pistol Squat

The kettlebell pistol squat is an impressive looking exercise. Not only does it look good but the benefits reaped are second to none. The squat requires great strength, balance, coordination, symmetry and mobility. The movement is beneficial for everyone including professional athletes and regular Joes. There are numerous benefits for incorporating the pistol squat into.. read more

Using Props to Refine Kettlebell Technique

Using Props to Refine Kettlebell Technique

The Get Up is a difficult movement to learn because if its may steps. Going from a “naked” Get Up, i.e. one performed without a kettlebell, to a loaded Get Up is a big step for several reasons. Your clients worry about the weight dropping on them as they try to remember the steps. Another.. read more

Teaching Clients to Hip Hinge

We’ve all had clients who don’t get the kettlebell swing or deadlift on their first go. Be it their back rounding like a fish hook or knees bending & it becoming a squat. Swings & deadlifts require the body to learn to hinge at the hip rather than the waist or knees. The benefits are.. read more

How to use Kettlebells to Improve your Posture

Shoulder Health: Balancing Pulls & Pushes by Boris Bojanovic As trainers we see this all the time. Probably not as bad as this example but there is a definite tendency towards forward shoulder & head posture in the average person due to the amount of time we spend at computers & in front of TVs... read more

The Short Cycle Jerk

by Boris Bojanovic The short cycle jerk is one of the main exercises we teach in our level 2 kettlebell workshop. While the Get Up is the most complex grind exercise the jerk would have to be the most complex ballistic exercise as it has 5 stages which need to be coordinated & often have.. read more

Troubleshooting Kettlebell & Powerbag lunges

Troubleshooting Kettlebell & Powerbag lunges by Boris Bojanovic Following on from the last article on Lunges, here are the common issues & how to correct them. Poor hip/knee stability This is by far the most common issue we see in lunges. Poor strength & control over hip adduction, caused by weak gluteus medius. This can.. read more

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