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How to teach Kettlebell and Powerbag Lunges

by Boris Bojanovic So, we’ve covered the other major  lower body exercises with in past articles Kettlebell Squat Variations ( & Regressing the Swing ( Now it’s time to have a closer look at the lunge. Lunges are a single leg variation of the squat movement pattern where one leg stays in front & mimics.. read more

Do you press your kettlebell with your arms or legs?

Do you press your kettlebell with your arms or legs? by Boris Bojanovic The press is the basic pushing exercise in kettlebell lifting. The kettlebell press can be thought of as the strict bodybuilders press where the kettlebell starts in the rack position & is pushed up to lockout then lowered slowly with the strength.. read more

Kettlebell Squat Variations: Which one to use, when & why?

by Boris Bojanovic The squat has long been called the king of exercises – with good reason. There’s nothing more functional than loading the legs to get them stronger. This makes the squat the most versatile exercise because it helps the full spectrum of your clients. Your little old nanna client has trouble getting up.. read more

Three common mistakes in the Turkish Get-Up

Boris Bojanovic The Turkish Get-Up is the true test whole body strength. It is the most involved kettlebell grind exercise. It has nine steps, each of which is gone through twice as you fold & unfold to complete a full rep. On top of the many steps, each step depends on the previous one to.. read more

Don’t Forget the High Pull

Boris Bojanovic Just like the Get Up is the king of kettlebell grind exercises, the snatch is the king of ballistic kettlebell exercises. It marries power & coordination to take the kettlebell overhead in one graceful, athletic movement. Done properly, it is a powerful yet smooth movement. Its complexity can be intimidating & it will.. read more

Kettlebell grips – Tricks for making kettlebell lifting easier

by Boris Bojanovic There are three basic grips or positions in kettlebell training. They are the hook grip, rack position & overhead lockout. It is from these three positions we get the free flowing effect unique to kettlebells because the whole repertoire of kettlebell exercises are performed from these three positions. Hook grip Rack Lockout.. read more

What is shoulder packing? Part 3

By Boris Bojanovic In part 1 of this article series we introduced the concept of shoulder packing & talked about what the body needs to do to take a kettlebell overhead safely. In part 2 we delved deeper into what can go wrong with overhead movements because of our modern computer desk posture. These restrictions.. read more

My experiences with Girevoy

by Dan Henderson When I tell people that I have recently hired a Girevoy specialist coach and am looking to compete they look at me with a blank look and have no idea what I am talking about. So I thought I would share what Girevoy is and my experiences.

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