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Easy & Effective Exercises to Improve Thoracic Rotation & Mobility

VOTW: Easy & Effective Exercises to Improve Thoracic Rotation & Mobility Hello my Functional Fitness Gurus and Trainers Alike! For this VOTW we will be focusing on Improving Thoracic Rotation. In the past i have talked a lot about Your Thoracic Spine is in the Middle Section of your Vertebra between your neck and lower spine... read more

Shoulder Mobility Mini Series – Identify and Enhance the Overhead Press

Instructions on how to get a Free Course this week only at the Bottom of the Page Part 1: This Part of the Shoulder Mobility Mini Series focuses specifically on screening and correction of the Kettlebell Overhead Press We will be focusing on the Kettlebell Overhead Press. The key outcomes we want to determine is whether.. read more

Horses for Courses: How to Select the Right Personal Training Course for you

There are so many personal training courses out there. There are courses ranging from Zumba to weightlifting coaching and everything in between. With this plethora of courses on offer how do you select the right personal training certification for you? If you are an experienced personal trainer with an established clientele base then you should.. read more

Reflexive Strength & Spider-Man

This article was originally published at T Nation: Reflexive Strength & Spider-Man By Geoff Neupert Here’s what you need to know… The Spider-Man crawl trains an overlooked component of strength: your reflexive strength. If you’ve hit a plateau in strength, or keep getting injured when you try to increase strength, there’s a good chance.. read more

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