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Putting together a Powerbag training program

When starting a Powerbag exercise program the first stage is all about stability and controlling the desired movement. You will notice that our exercise selection starts with basic kneeling hip extension on the floor and using a very lightweight. Therefore developing...
Are Powerbags safe for Sport Specific Training

Are Powerbags safe for Sport Specific Training

Many sports-people quite rightly use Olympic lifting movements (snatch & clean) to increase their basic power. However many sports are complex and unlike Olympic lifts not simply linear. Functional training would suggest that at least some power training movements...

What are Powerbags?

Why use Powerbags? Powerbags are used to teach your client how to effectively use hip extension as a means of lifting and assisting the development of more progressive and advanced exercises. Without the correct movement engrained injury is likely to occur when...

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