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How Tired Is Too Tired?

This month we have spent a lot of time, looking at fatigue and several different mitigation strategies. Fatigue management is becoming a booming industry in its own right, particularly in the corporate and blue collar markets. Fatigued employees are unproductive and at high risk of injury to themselves and others.  Fatigued clients eventually end up.. read more

Heart Rate Variability – Wednesday Wisdom

In our last article, we looked a simple field test (orthostatic heart rate test) to identify your clients’ readiness to train and the likelihood of fatigue. In this week’s article, we will look at a new emerging technology which might be available to you right now on your phone! I predict that the heart rate.. read more

Wednesday Wisdom: Resistance Training Methods

Functional training tools such as the kettlebell, functional bags, cables and to a lesser extent battling ropes can be used to elicit improvements in some morphological and neural adaptations that lead to improvements in strength, power, and muscle size.  In this exciting infographic by sports scientist Yan Le Meur, it has been identified which resistance.. read more

Dan’s Blog: Building An Attraction Model

Wouldn’t life be much easier if you consistently attracted quality new customers into your business? I see so many great coaches labour professionally because they don’t know how to attract their perfect prospect. Whilst enlisting new customers is crucial to their business, they often don’t know the best way to garner interest and then recruit. They.. read more

Coaching Principle: Systems Over Randomness

A system is a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network. Our world view and how we see the world is shaped by the paradigms we adopt. If we see everything in systems, there is a structure and flow to things. Specifically, we move through life less frustrated.. read more

Group Training – More Money, More Clients & More Time for You

With our new Accredited Group Fx Course set to launch in May next month I think it would be appropriate to talk about some of the problems I have seen and heard among the Fitness Industry about Group Training and why we here at AIK felt the need to come up with a solution. We.. read more

How to Enhance Motivation – Foster Relatedness

How to Enhance Motivation – Foster Relatedness

One of our 3 innate needs is Relatedness. I have identified 7 different ways we can enhance relatedness and in turn increase the level of internal motivation within our clients.   Priorities space in your sessions to talk Social Events Create opportunities for PB’s & Celebrate it as a group Individual challenge within the context.. read more

how to increase client motivation

how to increase client motivation

  Just Increase your Client’s Competence… ‘Perceived Self-Belief to achieve the outcome’ This is one of the key differences between a Coach and Trainer. A Coach understands how to increase a client’s competence through the prescription of the RIGHT exercises for their ability. In addition, they understand FEEDBACK. The type and amount are key. Feedback is.. read more

How to Increase Clients Motivation…

How to Increase Clients Motivation…

Autonomy is the freedom of choice and is the third innate lead within the ‘Self Determination Theory’. This is about understanding the client and their need to be empowered in the decision making process. Give them options and remember they know themselves better than anyone else. I have outlined a number of different ways this.. read more

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