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Ask The Doctor!

Today is “Ask the Doctor” Day!! Dr Luke Del Vecchio has a PhD in Sports Science. An experienced educator, researcher and specialist in human performance, Luke has been presenting and lecturing on health, fitness, exercise and sports science for over 15 years. Luke has also presented internationally on sports science, strength and conditioning, boxing and nutrition. If.. read more

Pea Protein may boost adaptations to HIFT

Continuing with this months focus on protein intake, in this weeks post, we are going to look at the results of a recent study which investigated the effects of pea protein supplementation on the physical responses to high intensity functional training (HIFT). Why pea protein, you may ask? For one, some individuals due to personal.. read more

How much protein do I really need to eat?

Protein requirements increase with growth, during pregnancy, illness and with Age. Recommendations for protein intake have been under intense scrutiny and debate among health professionals and researchers for some time. Central to this controversy is the current recommended daily intake, which is thought to be sufficient, to support health and well-being in healthy adults, but.. read more

Selecting A Source of Protein

Dietary protein is well known for its positive effects on health, including weight management, bone health, cardiovascular health, blood glucose control and for the maintenance of lean muscle mass.  More recently, dietary protein has been shown to favorably influence appetite and muscle protein synthesis. Given these important roles, it is important to select high-quality sources.. read more

Use it or lose it

In the previous weeks’ articles, we have looked at how much exercise we really need to do, combining weights and cardio and exercise and ab myths. Given the emphasis on how to get fit, we now need to turn our attention to the other side of the coin, what happens when we stop exercising?  This is.. read more

Should I do cardio first?

This week we are going to answer a question that has been routinely asked by many aspiring fitness trainees to their coach/trainer when planning their workout schedules “should I do cardio first”? This, of course, is in context, to the planning of a weights and cardio workout, but it also has ramifications for circuit-based training,.. read more

How much exercise do I really need to do, to be healthy?

In today’s Wednesday wisdom post, we are going to look at one of the most commonly asked questions – how much exercise do I really need to do, to be healthy?  Let’s start with the most important part of this question, how much exercise is needed to be healthy, not to lose weight as that.. read more

How long until I can see my abs coach?

Welcome to our first of our Wednesday Wisdoms blog posts for 2019. Pertinent to this time of year this post is going to look at what research has to say on the very common question of “how long does it take to see my abs or six-pack”?  The range of answers to this question of varies between.. read more

Heavy VS Light Weights Pt 3 – Wednesday Wisdom

Heavy or Light Weights Part 3 In our third instalment of articles on this topic, we are going to look at another study which compared the effects of either high repetition low load versus low repetition, high load on muscle hypertrophy.  What makes this particular study interesting is firstly, the researches this time used a.. read more

Heavy VS Light Weights Pt 2 – Wednesday Wisdom

Continuing from last week’s first article on hypertrophy, this week we are going to look at a similar study. However, this time the research was conducted over a 10-week period. Longer term training studies provide more significant evidence of a training effect. Once again, this data comes from the McMaster University research group, headed by.. read more

Heavy Vs Light Weights Pt 1 – Wednesday Wisdom

Building or increasing lean muscle mass, is an important goal for many clients in the fitness industry. However, many of the well established training routines that lead to these goals, are often not compatible an environment with limited strength training equipment. Therefore, an important question that should be asked is there another training method that.. read more

The Science Of Battling Rope Training Pt 4 – Wednesday Wisdom

In the last instalment of research reviews on the battling ropes, we are going to look at a study which looked at the effects of battling rope training has on muscle activity, when combined with whole body vibration. Vibration plates and more recently vibration foam rollers are now common place in many fitness training environments,.. read more

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