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Advanced Kettlebell Workout Complex Through Multiple Planes of Motion

Advanced Kettlebell Workout Complex Through Multiple Planes of Motion

For this Kettlebell Workout we will be combining 3 Advanced Kettlebell Techniques to form a complex. Hey Guys Tarek here, We’re back once again with a challenging Kettlebell Workout complex. Be warned this is a little more advanced because these techniques take a lot of coordination and skill and utilise multiple planes of motion. Challenging techniques like this.. read more

‘OnTheMinute’ – Kettlebell Chaos

‘OnTheMinute’ is a programming methodology which is simple and enjoyable. This type of programming is best suited for a quick and intense workout or as a finisher at the end to really raise that metabolic rate. Welcome to another Video of the Week, I hope you enjoyed your Long Weekend. My name is Dan Henderson.. read more

"The Punisher" – Battling Ropes Workout

This is a great metabolic battling ropes workout that really focuses on weight loss, strength, and endurance training! This week we have a workout that will push you and your clients to the limits. The great thing I love about incorporating Battling Ropes into my exercise regimes is that they are extremely fun and unique... read more

The Battling Ropes Getup Sequence

The key to performing the Battling Ropes Getup is to maintain consistent waves throughout the motion of standing to sitting. and its going to challenge your stability, balance, and co-ordination and endurance. FTI: Video of the Week Hi Guys and welcome to another Video of the Week. This week we are showcasing an awesome Battling Ropes Sequence.. read more

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