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10 Steps to becoming a Master in Functional Training

Seeking Mastery in Functional Training is lifelong process that takes time, commitment, passion and access to the best resources. I believe there 10 steps you need to undertake to become a Master in Functional Training. These steps have served me well in my journey and I know it will do the same for others that.. read more

Why Functional Training is here to Stay

Functional Training is training that has a purpose. It is context specific and will differ for professional athletes and special need populations. However, to the masses ‘Functional Training’ consists of exercises that help people function optimally. These include mobilisations, releases and activations to ‘undo’ our modern postures and exercises based on primal patterns including squatting,.. read more

Kettlebell Workout of the Week: Don’t Drop the Bell

Kettlebell Workout of the Week: Don’t Drop the Bell This functional training workout is much like our ‘Single-Bell Domination’ from back in January only it has some more advanced exercises! Get a clock ready as you are not allowed to put the bell on the ground for 20 Minutes! It really is a great test.. read more

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