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Fitness Business Training

We empower Fitness Professionals to grow successful businesses
so they can make more money,experience more freedom and create a greater impact.

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Imagine a program that will transform you and your business.

A program that will redefine and clarify what it means to be not only a skilled trainer, but a business leader.

A program that will give you years of knowledge and experience.

Functional Training Institute


Legacy is natural extension of the world’s largest functional training and education company – the Functional Training Institute (FTI).


 The program was born from a unique insight into identifying the life limiting inertia of many of FTI’s health and fitness professionals.



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Game Changer



Stop thinking like a trainer. Start thinking like a business leader.


The Game Changer brings you a series of workshops that will empower you with a wealth of knowledge from a range of exciting speakers — and every tool you’ll need to help you reach your goals.

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Coach Tarek

A natural output of the FTI process has been the identification of key psychological and emotional elements of operating a business and the impact it can have both professionally and personally.

Tarek began as a fitness professional when he was 20 and now co-owns and operates the largest functional training education company in the world – the Functional Training Institute (FTI).

The flagship coaching program at FTI  ‘Game Changer Professional’ is designed to empower business owners with the tools for growth on a professional and personal level.

Tarek has travelled the world teaching concepts in functional training and coaching for fitness professionals. Through  this process, he has gained significant insights into the best methodologies and techniques to enhance coaching performance for fitness and health professionals.

His passion for creating business leaders in the health and fitness space through training and education programs combined with mental fitness, has made him an industry leader and indeed, industry innovator.

Tarek Chouja

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