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The barbell is a simple, but very effective piece of gym equipment and should be apart of any type of resistance training program, from beginners to the advanced. The measurement of the body’s ability to lift raw weight up and down is executed with no better tool, but the barbell. Throughout the Barbell course, participants will learn the best, yet most simple compound exercises that can be executed using a barbell. From Front squats, back squats, deadlifts, rows and so much more, participants will learn:

  • The correct and critical technical cues to execute the exercise to the best of the body’s ability, thus leading to improvement of muscular hypertrophy, strength, stability and safety underneath a bar through various different natural primary functional movements
  • The correct progressions and when to introduce these progressions into a client’s barbell lifting program to vary the level of difficulty and effectiveness
  • What common mistakes to spot and how we can correct these mistakes to increase the clients body awareness.
  • Some general, whole body mobility using a barbell

Once you have learned the simplest, yet, very effective exercises, you will then start to explore some advanced exercises such as the barbell push press and the introduction of the Olympic lifting movements such as the barbell power clean. Emphasise here will be placed on the appropriate progressions and for those individuals that want to challenge themselves, or their clients, but don’t know where and when to start introducing these lifts into their programs.

Practical assessments throughout the day and a theory exam will be integral for the completion of this course to ensure best practise and knowledge has been learnt from each participant.

At the end of the day, participants will surely realise that barbell training is simple, logical, completely effective, inexpensive and ultimately, a proven piece of integral equipment for any training facility where the improvement of strength, power, speed and hypertrophy are all in our client’s best interest and aspiring goals. The barbell has been around for decades and it has formed a foundation for most successful strength training facilities around the world since the early 20th century.

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