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To train for pure strength, raw power, speed and hypertrophy to name a few, you can’t go past the barbell. From Squats to deadlifts, Presses and rows, the barbell has so much to offer for being such a simple piece of equipment that should be a part of any training facility.

Why they are so effective is that they are the simplest of load bearing tools created.

  • They allow for very heavy loads to be placed on them without any deviation
  • Most exercises executed move directly over the body’s centre of mass allowing them to be moved safely, reducing the risk of injury
  • They allow for small incremental loads to be placed on them allowing for significant progressions in strength, power and muscular hypertrophy

For Barbell level 2 participants, this is a chance to progress your knowledge further on the more advanced, challenging and technical exercises so that yourself, and your clients can benefit from the effectiveness of these progressions, thus leading to improved results in body composition, speed, power, strength and structural balance. Throughout this course, participants will learn:

  • Advanced, challenging and effective exercises such as the Snatch grip barbell deadlift, the barbell power jerk and the “ultimate squat” being the barbell overhead squat
  • Introduced the basic Olympic lifting movements in the previous level 1 course, participants will now learn the Clean, power snatch, and the snatch, as well as the appropriate regressions and progressions and even some individual cues and alternative exercises that can be used to regain the appropriate technique
  • How important mobility is to execute exercises properly and with effective effort to produce amazing results with their clients. Participants will go through a series of some of the most effective mobility exercises for the common areas of immobility in the human body that we see in today’s world.
  • Exercises to increase power and speed as well as some body conditioning exercises that can be implemented into their client’s workouts
  • Some basic beginner level Olympic lifting programming as well as some intermediate Olympic lifting programming with introduction of those higher skilled exercises such as the Power Snatch and Snatch Balance (quick drops)

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