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The Battling Rope is one of the most incredible tools that Functional Training has to offer. The intensity and versatility of the Battling Rope is unparalleled. Presented at one of our capital city locations our Battling Ropes course we share specific techniques for anaerobic endurance, aerobic endurance and power. Through unique exercises that function in both single plane and multiple planes, you will become a Battling Ropes Expert!

In our renowned Battling Ropes full day face to face course, you will learn:

  • Key theory behind Battling Ropes and Battling Rope Training.
  • Extensive battling ropes movements, including various Waves and Pulls.
  • How to effectively engage in partner training.
  • Team training strategies.
  • Advanced Programming for the Battling Ropes.
  • Engage and undertake our Battling rope Challenge!

This course is accredited through Fitness Australia with 9 CECs


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