Fundamentals of Kettlebells Course Level 1

Kettlebells are one of the most popular training tool on the market. Through our extensive Kettlebell Level 1 you can help your clients see more fat loss, strength, balance, and power. Kettle bells produce HUGE results.

This is the perfect course to ensure you stand out from the over 30,000 trainers in Australia.

In our Level 1 Kettlebells Course you will learn 15 Fundamental Kettlebell Exercises including the Swing, Clean, Press, Snatch, Turkish Get-up and Windmill. We will teach you many great progressions and regressions of the key lifts so you have exercises for all fitness levels.

Most importantly, we teach you how break down every movement so you become a better teacher. You will know not only how to perform all these Kettlebell movements but also to transfer that knowledge on to your clients.

Presented face to face in one of our capital city locations during these full day Kettlebell courses, you will learn:

  • Basic Anatomy and Breathing Techniques as applied to Kettlebell Training
  • Learning the Safety Principles behind Kettlebell Lifting
  • Specific Programming Principles for Beginners to Advanced
  • Movement Preparation and Joint Mobility
  • How to make Kettlebell Training Safe and Enjoyable
  • How to instruct clients via a Step by Step Approach

  • What do others Say?

    “My name is James Ramage and I’m an AIK graduate. I did my courses in 2012 and it’s the single most effective training course I’ve done that’s influenced my business.  I immediately implemented what I learnt into my clients training and not only was it a complete change up of a regular session but I found that by training with kettlebells my clients improvement in other forms of our workouts were outstanding. I highly recommend AIK and I can’t thank the boys enough”.

    James Ramage – Fast Fat Loss for Life


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