Become a TRUE Master of the Kettlebell and one of the World’s BEST Coaches with this AMAZING Tool.

This course is the culmination of the techniques we have developed over the last 3 years. We have travelled the world teaching and learning and have packaged those experiences into a 2 Day Master Kettlebell Instructor Course that will BLOW your mind!

There are World First Concepts and Techniques showcased in this course that will make your sessions STAND OUT from every other trainer.

Here is Why YOU Need this Course:

  1. You will STAND OUT as a Kettlebell Master
  2. You will Learn World First Techniques.
  3. You will Learn Programming Techniques and Templates that generate $440 per hour
  4. You will Learn how to use Kettlebell Movements as a Movement Screen

What to Expect:

The level of detail and depth of technique is unseen in the world and us suitable for those trainers that want to be the BEST.

The course includes the following:

1. Revisiting the Key lifts

This is a refresher of key movements: Swing, Clean, Snatch and Turkish get up. Covered are in-depth coaching cues and new variations. There are some incredible variations where we move exercises into different planes and REALLY challenge movement patterns.

2. Screening

In this component we cover the key lifts and how to effectively screen for faulty movement patterns that often inhibit that particular exercise. Covered are the Swing, Turkish get up, Press and Windmill.

Each exercise includes a number of myofascial releases, stretches and activations to improve the movement. We teach you how to create correct movement.

3. New and Advanced Exercises

This is all about creating new movements that are advanced in nature and additionally creating more variations to existing key lifts covered in kettlebells level 1 and 2 courses
Covered are:
– Pistol Squat progressions
– Rocking chair get up
– Snatch variations
-and much more…

4. Advanced programming

In this section particular focus is on metabolic conditioning based programs such as AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible) and FFM’s (Free flowing movements)

Why Choose AIK?

1. We were Australia’s first ever Fitness Australia accredited Kettlebell Educators
2. Our Presenters have trained Internationally with Sergey Rudnev, Vasily Ginko & Steve Cotter
3. We are Partners with International Organisations – IUKL & IKSFA
4. You get unlimited Access to comprehensive resources such as videos, manuals and articles to further refine and sharpen your skills.


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