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Our Rehab FX Course is a World First Workshop designed by 3 Industry Leaders – AIK, Rehab Trainer and Crank IT. We all know Functional Training is Amazing with Kettlebells, Suspension Training, Battling Ropes and Barbells but how do you know if the Movements are Safe for your Client?

Have you properly Screened and Assessed them?

Do you know what Correctional Exercises they Need so you can help them Pain Free and move Efficiently?


1. Functional Training is taking the World by Storm! How do you Assess your Clients so you can chose the RIGHT exercises for them? This Course show you How!

2. Minimise the Risk of Injury with your Clients so you Keep them Training for Longer and Happier

3. Stand out from the over 40,000 trainers in Australia. WOW your Clients with your Professionalism and Knowledge

4. Stop being a GOOD Trainer and be a GREAT Trainer. This course will take you to the NEXT Level as a Professional


Expect to be Blown Away as you Learn what the ‘7 Key Classic Movement Sins’ are and how to biomechanically screen clients to prevent injury in Functional Training programs.

During this Rehab Fx Course you will learn how to use Suspension Training to Fix Shoulder Problems, Kettlebells for Hip and Glute Problems and Powerbags for Thoracic Mobility Issues.

You will also learn some Amazing soft tissue techniques that will impress clients in a Massive Way!

Why Choose the Functional Training Institute, Rehab Trainer and CrankIt?

1. 3 Industry Leaders who have Presented Nationally and Internationally for many Years

2. All 3 Companies are Cutting Edge and are Pioneers in Functional Training.

3. All Presenters all Internationally Qualified

4. You get unlimited Access to comprehensive resources such as videos, manuals and articles to further refine and sharpen your skills.

5. You will receive a Comprehensive Manuals, Certificate and 15 CEC’s!

6. You will Receive 2 Days of Knowledge Bombs and Amazing Tools.

Accredited with

Fitness Australia for 15 CEC’s

What do others Say?

I wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed RehabFx. All the content was well explained and relevant and of course adaptable to my clients as a Personal Trainer. Fantastic course! yay!

Erika Rimes, Sydney

I really loved it. It was exactly the kind of a workshop I was looking for – tons of cool exercises and huge variety (rehab can be boring sometimes…) Overall two thumbs up!”

Damian, Sydney

“The teachers of FX were great. The class participation was great too, with heaps of laughs and the delivery of content was great. And I would love to participate in any other courses that you hold.”

Chris, Sydney


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