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The CrankIt Essentials and Advanced: Suspended Fitness is designed to introduce you to suspended fitness concepts, and to teach you how to assess and adjust essential and more advanced suspension exercises and safely train individuals of all levels. In this incredible course, you will learn the underlying WHY behind key exercise techniques and become and advanced suspended fitness training expert.

Presented in one of our capital city locations during this CrankIt Essentials and Advanced: Suspended Fitness full day course you will learn:

  • The different types of suspension training products available.
  • How to set up and safely use different types of suspension straps.
  • The theory to teach essential suspended fitness exercises.
  • The principles of progressing and regressing exercise technique to adjust to your clients level for key exercises, including lunges, rows, squats and planks.
  • To demonstrate competency in suspended fitness exercise demonstration and instruction.

This course is accredited through Fitness Australia with 8 CECs


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