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Kettlebells are on one of the most powerful tools on the planet for developing strength, power and endurance. They are incredibly versatile as there are hundreds of exercises that be performed.

The key to getting the most from this incredible tool is understanding how to use it correctly and safely. This is the focus of our courses. It is a technical piece of equipment and the power of the tool can only be harnessed with proper coaching and systems.

Our Kettlebell Courses have been taught to thousands of participants in many different countries.

Participants not only learn a plethora of exercises but more importantly how to coach each one of these movements in detail. They learn why the exercise is important and how to teach it. Every exercise is broken down into phases with a series of regressions, progressions and auxiliary exercises. There is a large emphasis on cueing and spotting techniques.

Kettlebells have boomed in popularity within the last 10 years as clients love the skill aspect and the results they get using the tools. There is a mountain of research supporting their effectiveness. Consumers are demanding kettlebell training and it is paramount that gyms and fitness professionals respond to this demand.

Our instructor training courses equip you with confidence to use this tool among all population types and many different settings. You can then use it with the upmost confidence in a 1 on 1 setting, small group or large group. Your clients will become stronger, leaner, more powerful and fitter using kettlebells the correct and safe way.

We have 3 Kettlebell Courses available – ‘The Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training’, ‘Advanced Concepts of Kettlebell Training’ and ‘Masters of Kettlebell Training’. We cater for the beginner who has never used a kettlebell as well the experienced professional.

You can learn over 100 exercises of varying difficulty that will make your sessions challenging, dynamic, enjoyable and results focussed. You will not only be able to demonstrate each exercise with perfect technique but more importantly you will be able to coach each movement with perfectly.

Why do this Course:

  • Kettlebells are the MOST POPULAR training tool on the market! Impress your clients by knowing all the BEST Exercises!
  • Help your clients see more fat loss, strength, balance, and power. Kettlebells produce HUGE results. Most importantly this leads to referrals.
  • Functional Training is a new market! Fast Track your career as a fitness professional and STAND OUT immediately and WOW your clients!
  • Learn how to get your Hourly Rate up to $500 per hour running small groups and semi-private training sessions.
  • You will create sessions that get clients amazing results.
  • You will learn how to teach movements safely and correctly. This will give you immense confidence.
  • You will have a huge array of exercises that add variety and excitement.
  • You will position yourself as a leader and expert.


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