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Mobility is an essential component of ANY exercise program. This is the case whether it is a one on one session or group exercise session. It is paramount to helping your participants move better and minimising the chances of injury occurring.

Most people have misunderstood mobility and think that it is merely a few stretches before a session. This couldn’t be further from the truth and this kind of routine will often lead to less efficient movement.

Our Mobility training course covers the essential components of any well designed mobility program in depth:

  • Joint Rolling
  • Self-Myofascial Release
  • Mobilisations
  • Activations
  • Stretching

It is a combination of these elements that will enable clients to move more freely and through a greater range of motion when exercising.

Our seated posture has placed an even greater emphasis on the importance of mobility training. Clients do not want to just look good but they also want to feel good and move better.

Clients don’t want aggravating niggles present as they exercise. Instead, they want good posture and a reduction of pain from previous injuries.

The Mobility Training Course is extremely comprehensive and runs for 7-8 hours.

There is a combination of both theory and practical components. Participants work together in groups as they practice the techniques and see the impact it has on movements. The course is supported with a series of videos and detailed manual so participants have resources to continually refer to.

Why do this Course?

  1. Clients will love you! Who doesn’t want to feel better? Move Better? Have improved posture or enjoy some massage?
  2. You will stand out as a GREAT Trainer! Helping people with niggles and posture in addition to their other goals will help separate you from other trainers.
  3. You will get Clients BETTER Results. After a properly designed mobility program, clients will be able to complete exercises through a full ROM.
  4. You will be in a great position to generate referrals from other health professionals as you work collaboratively on helping people move better.