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The Functional Training Institute have the only accredited Powerbag course in the world.

The Powerbags are one of the BEST tools for teaching people essential movements. The ‘Fundamentals of Powerbag Training’ is primarily focused on teaching hip, knee and pressing mechanics.

These are essential and fundamental movement patterns that every client must learn. Too often clients are progressed too rapidly or taught incorrectly. The reasons that the Powerbag is the tool of choice for establishing these movement patterns is the soft nature of the bag, the handles and symmetrical load.

Hip mechanics and hinging are the first patterns covered in the course and in immense depth. Proper hip hinging is essential for power based movements such as deadlifts, swings, snatches and cleans. The Powerbags course establishes the proper mechanics from a kneeling position and then progresses to standing. Progressions such as cleans and snatches are then introduced.

Knee mechanics are essential for squatting and lunging patterns. The course establishes optimal positions and how you can load these patterns for different levels of ability and strength.

Correct pressing and overhead mechanics are covered in detail. The handles enable optimal pressing mechanics for the shoulder and the correct overhead postion is emphasised.

The design of the Powerbag enables it to impart training results that are truly unique. The instability of the bag encourages stabilising muscles to be switched on during the exercises. The instability also encourages more coordinated movements in the training.

The soft Powerbag design makes it terrific for partner based exercises where the bag is thrown. This enables some great interaction as well as rotation based movements.

Why do this Powerbags Course?

  1. You will teach fundamental movements and exercises correctly. Clients will perform functional lifts with proficiency. This will impart a great foundation for more technical exercises in the future.
  2. You will become a great coach of foundational movements. This will separate you as a professional.
  3. You will be armed with a variety of exercises that will add great variety and interaction to your sessions.
  4. You will be one of the few certified Powerbag trainers in the world.