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Suspended Fitness Training is one of the most effective and diverse methods of training. It has boomed in popularity in the last decade and participants love it for its core integration, versatility and variety.

There is a huge range of exercises that can be performed for people of all fitness levels. Most people only know a few simple exercises but our courses unveil hundreds of different movements that can be performed to target all areas of the body.

Suspended Fitness Training is so effective because it creates a demand for significantly more core integration than many other training modalities. Many of the exercises are also closed kinetic chain exercises which means greater activation of stabilising muscles. The portability and low cost of suspension training are also other fantastic appeals of this training.

Our courses cover key principles of suspended fitness training including: planes of motion, primal patterns and the importance of suspension training on shoulder function.

The emphasis of the course is teaching you to not only perform a large array of exercises but more importantly how to coach these exercises. There is a clear process involved with teaching each movement. This includes an explanation of Level 1, 2 and 3 exercises. This enables you to see the range of difficulty each movement has.

We also offer a suspended fitness training course that is specifically aimed at group classes. This means your can incorporate suspension training classes specifically aimed at weight loss, cardio conditioning and strength.

Suspended Fitness Training classes are particularly effective as it easy to modify the exercises to cater for the differences in strength, fitness and coordination. We go into great depth on creating a dynamic environment, warm-up protocols, coaching and cueing and the parameters you need to adjust to create classes aimed at strength, weight loss and muscular endurance.

Why do this Course?

  • Clients love it! You will be popular as you will be introducing a form of training they LOVE and get great results from.
  • You will be able to make your sessions dynamic and full of variety as you will have an array of exercises at your disposal.
  • You will get your clients moving correctly. The suspended fitness trainer is great for establishing technique and form with many movements.
  • You will be able to run energetic group sessions that are great for generating new clients and referrals.