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You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around…

The fitness industry is cut-throat, competition is fierce and you’re probably not making the money you should be…

How are the people in your life helping you get to your goals? Or are they?

The way you dress, how you talk and how much you earn is directly a result of who you hang out with.

Are the people around you supporting your growth, giving you great advice and helping you level up?

The Game-Changer program offers a complete immersion into Australia’s leading fitness businesses and leaders like Daniel Henderson, Gary Wagner and Fiona Keable.

The real game-changer is connecting and networking with your fitness idols, learning needle-moving business strategies and creating better experiences for your clients which The Game-Changer program offers.


If you’re someone that has drive, passion, belief and an open-mind to be challenged and changed then this is THE mentor program for you. The way I look at this program is like a gym membership. We all know people who join a gym, carry a key-tag and never go. Then there are those that go occasionally, those that go frequently and those that invest in Personal Training to help them achieve their goals. The Game Changer program is the Personal Training; it’s the mindset of investing in the best to achieve your best and run the most successful fitness business you can. Just Do it

Dave Okeby

Dan, Tarek and all of the trainers at FTI are committed to helping us become the best that we can be and show that leadership by being role models for us. Being asked to be a game changer was one of the biggest honours and after meeting everyone I found out we aren’t just a group, but an extended family. I would recommend anyone to take the leap and commit to doing this program. The growth that you and your business will have is just truly amazing.

Tara Brock Harris

How does one describe the Game Changer experiences? It’s something can really be told but has to be lived! The weekends we spend together in Sydney can only be described as magic! The energy and passion in the room is so strong it last long after the weekend has finished and the creative juices continue to flow longer after! When returning from the weekends away I am super charged and hit the ground running. So if you aren’t ready then you will be left behind! I know this program has shaped me into a better fitness professional and coach. I look forward to continuing to grow and learn with the Game Changer group.

Jono Alcock
Game Changer

Total Immersion In Fitness Business Success

Our Game-Changer events and online trainings are dedicated to helping fitness business owners learn the key drivers to move their business and lives forward for more impact, income and freedom!

How is your business performing right now?

  • Are you struggling to retain clients?
  • Are you running around like an overworked business owner on a hamster wheel?
  • Do you know how valuable your time is?
  • Would you like to move into your own space?
  • Are you overcomplicating business decisions because you’re unsure?

You got into the fitness industry because you had a passion to help people. You never knew how much business is actually involved.

There is a way to get the actionable frameworks you need to move from a decent coach to an empowered fitness business owner!

Do you want to become a business owner that:

  • Has more time for your family ?
  • Makes more money from your new revenue streams?
  • Retains up to 95% of your clients per year?
  • Gains the clarity and vision to lead your team and business to success?
  • Creates high performing teams to grow your business?

You can avoid the failures that our network of Australia’s top fitness and business people have already navigated on their way to success.

With the rise of fitness influencers, home workouts and celebrity endorsements, how can you stand out from the cut-throat competition and make your fitness business wildly successful?

The answers to your business growth lie within a program that the alumni dub as “personal training for your business” the best fitness business development program in Australia…

Check out the Massive Results Gotten By Previous Members

Went from a hobby to a real business which is having massive impact in the community.

From a bootcamp with 25 people to a facility with over 150 people TO $600 per week to our highest point of $10k per week. We have multiple streams of revenue and business opportunities in other areas. The connections with other like-minded people who are priceless.

Josh and Elise Buss, Think Fit

In October 2017 we opened a new studio within 3 months of being in the Game Changer

program and within 2 years had 7X my revenue and had 145 clients. In 2020 when COVID hit we followed Dan’s lead and he got us through COVID with only losing 29% revenue and built back up to our previous member numbers within 4 months of reopening. We now have a bigger training facility and found the transition to this easy with the foundations laid by Dan and the Game Changer program.

Matt and Fiona Keable, Real Body Movement

Where to start!
– Growth; across membership and employees (pre-Covid we were sitting at 120-130
members trending towards 150) and had a team of 7 and 2 contractors.
– Impact; serving not just more every day Australian’s with their health and fitness goals and
empowering them to live a healthier lifestyle but also being an employer and educator to
upcoming coaches and trainers in the industry.
– Legacy; Just before COVID we were about to launch our secondary studio. In 2021 we are
going to launch another 3 locations. This will mean we serve a greater amount of clients and
members as well as help grow more fitness professionals and help them with their careers.
– Pivot/Adaptability; The Game Changer program allowed TFP to survive and thrive in one of
the worst case scenarios that no-one was prepared for. Dan and his team also inspired me
to launch a secondary start-up while fitness businesses’ were closing left right and centre
that aligns with our mission but serves a different segment of the market.
– We’ve increased our annual revenue year on year since being in the program and 2021
looks to be our biggest yet. This has meant purchasing my dream vehicle, more freedom
with my spouse, leading a killer team and also having the opportunity to take time off when
I want to.

Roy Hanford, The Fit Project

What’s Included In The Game Changer Program?

Imagine a program that will transform you. A program that will redefine and clarify what it means to be not only a skilled trainer but a business leader.

A program that will save you years of struggling and provide you with the knowledge and network to overcome the greatest hurdles to your business and personal success.

The Program is divided into:

  1. The Game Changer Essentials Program
  2. The Game Changer Elite Program.

Both provide access to a series of transformational workshops that will provide a wealth of knowledge from a range of exciting speakers.

The Game Changer Elite Program gives you a series of additional benefits to help you reach your goals.

The Workshops Include:

Culture and Foundations
Through this three-day workshop, you will learn how to implement and develop the values and vision that sit behind every successful business.

Marketing Essentials
In this two-day session, you will build the necessary skills to market your training business. This workshop covers social media, lead generation, advertising and branding, and how you can leverage these techniques to get more business, more often.

Building Business Layers
During this two-day program, you will learn the business strategy behind successful businesses, including revenue streams, client retention and business funnels.

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