Imagine a program that will transform you. A program that will redefine and clarify what it means to be not only a skilled trainer, but a business leader. A program that will give you years of knowledge and experience.

Many FTI Graduates have already shown dedication in becoming one of the most skilled trainers through the Master Functional Trainer Program. Now it’s time to take your unique and powerful skill set, and mobilise it. Stop thinking like a trainer. Start thinking like a business leader.

What is the Game Changer Program?

This program is designed to empower you both professionally and personally. Your road to success is only limited by your imagination.

In this program you will accelerate your success:

1. Be the go-to coach with access to the most innovative and cutting edge functional training practices.

2. Learn practical and applicable strategies to help you build a thriving business.

3. Become the unique champion who stands apart as a true leader.

The Program is divided into the Game Changer Essentials Program and the Game Changer Elite Program. Both provide access to a series of workshops that will provide a wealth of knowledge from a range of exciting speakers. The Game Changer Elite Program gives you a series of additional benefits to help you reach your goals.



Game Changer Workshops

Culture and Foundations
Through this three-day workshop, you will learn how to implement and develop the values and vision that sit behind every successful business.

Marketing Essentials
In this two-day session, you will build the necessary skills to market your training business. This workshop covers social media, lead generation, advertising and branding, and how you can leverage these techniques.

Building Business Layers
During this two-day program, you will learn the business strategy behind successful businesses, including revenue streams, client retention and business funnels.







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