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High-Performance Coach - AUSactive Exclusive Member Discount
High-Performance Coach - AUSactive Exclusive Member Discount


FTI’s Brand New High-Performance Coach Program
Shows You How To:

Increase Client Engagement

3 Top Industry Experts Reveal The Mental Skills Techniques That Help Retain Your Clients… By Keeping Them Engaged And Showing Up Consistently
Discover more about the program below

Hey, it’s Coach Tarek,

The idea for High-Performance Coach was born after speaking to a frustrated fitness coach.

A bunch of his clients were failing to follow his advice and show up to sessions consistently.
Eventually losing some of these clients.
Here’s the thing:
Low client show up rates and lack of engagement are a big problem for fitness coaches and trainers.
The problem seems to be getting worse, especially post-covid.
I figured a lot of clients (and coaches) lacked the mental skills which create lasting, positive change in clients and greater levels of engagement.
It’s an easy mistake to make.
We put so much attention on technical knowledge of training, movement, creating programs, etc… but we end up neglecting the mental side to coaching.
Which is as important (if not more important).
Limiting beliefs, mental blockages, and our overall mental game plays a huge role in how successful we are in developing new habits.
As a coach, if you’re unable to communicate and navigate the present mindset of your clients before those new habits kick in, you run the risk of losing them.
If your clients are experiencing internal battles, they might not possess the mental fortitude to stay consistent with you over the long-term.
But, if you possess the ability to coach your clients physically and mentally, your value as a coach skyrockets.
You clear the path to creating a positive, long-lasting change in your clients (and yourself).
Creating higher levels of engagement and enjoyment in your sessions and the client’s fitness journey.
Therefore in my opinion, this is what it means to be a…
High-Performance Coach - AUSactive Exclusive Member Discount

High-Performance Coach

The concept of a High-Performance Coach was born.
I joined forces with TWO leading experts in the field of mental skills to create the brand new High-Performance Coach Program.
It’s a 6-month mentorship journey with the sole aim of transforming you into a High-Performance Coach.
This time investment pales in comparison to the longevity these skills could provide you throughout your career.
You’ll be equipped with all the tools to handle the mental side of training.
So you and your clients develop high-performance habits that create meaningful, positive change which leads to long-term success.
Making sessions and the fitness journey more engaging, enjoyable, and impactful.

High-Performance Coach Program

The High-Performance Coach Program consists of 3 core modules designed to:

Your Instructors

Before I share some details about each module, here’s a brief summary of your instructors:
High-Performance Coach - AUSactive Exclusive Member Discount

Tarek Chouja

Founder of Functional Training Institute and flagship programs:

> Master Functional Trainer
> Movement Restoration Coach

Tarek began as a fitness professional when he was 20.

He now owns and operates the largest functional training education company in the world – Functional Training Institute (FTI).
Having travelled the world teaching concepts in functional training and coaching for fitness professionals, Tarek gained insights into the best methodologies and techniques to enhance coaching performance for fitness and health professionals.
His passion for creating business leaders in the health and fitness space through training and education programs combined with mental fitness, made him an industry leader and innovator.
High-Performance Coach - AUSactive Exclusive Member Discount

Lynsey Allison

As a Standard Mental Health First Aid (SMHFA) Instructor, Lynsey provides SMHFA courses online and in the Southern Highlands and Sydney.

Lynsey is passionate about mental health strategies, enhancing wellbeing and increasing mental health literacy in individuals, the community and in organisations.

Lynsey owns and operates a Coaching Psychology and Consulting business – L.A Potential.
Providing a range of services incorporating coaching psychology, positive psychology, workplace wellbeing, brief therapy approaches and mindfulness to individuals and organisations so they can thrive and develop their potential.
Lynsey's qualifications include:
MSc Coaching Psychology, BSc Psychology, Cert. CBT, Strengths Profile Accreditation, Mental Toughness Accreditation, GeneSys Psychometrics, NLP Master Practitioner, Mindfulness Training.
High-Performance Coach - AUSactive Exclusive Member Discount

Jay Hedley

Founder and Executive Management Coach and Trainer with The Coaching Room

> Registered NLP Trainer
> Registered Professional Meta Coach
> Enneagram Practitioner

Working with the largest companies and highest performing athletes on the planet, Jay is working with Alex Albon (Formula 1 Driver) and Michael Conlan (World Famous Irish featherweight Boxer) among many others.
Jay also helped Gareth Baber and the Fiji 7s team win Gold at the Tokyo Olympics.
A specialist in vertical growth and development, Jay has a background in developmental psychology and is an NLP Trainer (20+ years).

3 Core Modules

Details about the unique High-Performance Coach Program 3 core modules:

Module 1 - Coach With Purpose

Instructor: Tarek Chouja
Coach with purpose is designed to make you a better coach and communicator to your clients.
It’ll arm you with a system of communication based on proven principles.
You’ll tap into the ability to communicate and coach a wide range of clients based on their personality types and learning styles.
The ability to communicate movement, health, and overall wellbeing to your client is a vital skill in building a successful client-coach relationship.
We invest a lot of time gaining technical knowledge, but little time in learning how to share this knowledge with clients through effective communication and coaching.
If you fail to get your point across to the client effectively, you run the risk of clients losing interest and not engaged in your sessions or their fitness journey.
You'll discover:
Coach With Purpose is a 16-hour online course hosted on our Learning Management System (LMS) where you have full access to all course materials, which include videos, manuals, and templates.
There’s an assessment section to practice your new skill, consisting of a multiple choice test and roleplay.
Coach With Purpose is certified with AusActive for 3 CECs

Module 2 - Mental Health First Aid

Instructor: Lynsey Allison
Mental Health First Aid was created by Mental Health First Aid Australia back in 2000.
It’s been delivered in Australia for over 20 years and now in 27 countries.
This module provides you with the confidence to help clients overcome mental challenges with positive psychology, emotional resilience, and qualities that help build mental fortitude.
You’ll become invaluable to your clients by not only helping them physically, but mentally, too.
Leading to longer lasting success for you and your clients.
Research shows that between 23% and 26% of people have mental health challenges (including anxiety) post-covid.
So this is a vital skill to develop as a coach and trainer.
Because you’ll be the first line of support to clients experiencing anxiety, internal struggles or other mental health problems.
Your confidence as a coach or trainer will skyrocket because you’ll possess mental skills that you can use not only on yourself, but on a wide range of clients so they stay on track of their goals.
You'll discover:
Mental Health First Aid is the gold standard when it comes to mental health first aid training. The course is evidence-based, thorough, and rigorous.
You’ll receive a 3-year accreditation when you’ve completed the course and an online assessment.
The course can be delivered online, with 2 components (5-6 hours of e-learning followed by 2 x 2.5 hour live virtual workshops run by Lynsey Allison)
Or you can have it delivered face-to-face over 2 full days of 7 hours each.
You get to choose how you consume the course.

Module 3 - Mental Skills Training

Instructor: Jay Hedley & Tarek Chouja
High-Performance Mental Skills Training empowers you in overcoming limiting beliefs (you and your client) and mental blockages keeping your clients stuck.
Providing strategies to help your clients stay on track and achieve their goals.
This module is based around 4 core concepts:
  1. Waking up - Help clients remove habits holding them back. This creates room for them to learn high performance habits from you.

    Your clients will start to consistently see positive results and begin to engage in your sessions.

  2. Growing up - Understand multiple perspectives so you have more influence on the environment around you.

    You and your client will be less influenced by the world around you and be driven by an internal motivation.

    Your clients will start to see consistent positive results and begin to engage in your sessions.

  3. Cleaning up - Remove old mental blocks and limiting beliefs to enable high performance as a coach and to your clients.

    Clients will finally be able to see positive progress toward their health and fitness goals because they aren't being held down by old belief systems.

    Clients will start to consistently see positive results and begin to engage in your sessions.

  4. Showing up - The point where your clients show up consistently because they are now engaged and enjoying their fitness journey.

    They possess more meaning and purpose and are not solely driven by external motivators.
You’ll discover:
This module will include: 12x weekly live Zoom sessions 2 hours long over 3 months.
You’ll also gain access to the Learning management System (LMS), videos, recordings, manuals, and additional materials.

3 Different Certificates

By embarking on this unique 6-month journey, you’ll receive 3 different certificates, all accredited with different agencies.
Strengthening your image as a trusted authority as a coach, positioning you to attract clients with ease.
Providing you with unique knowledge and longevity in your career as a coach.

Elite Knowledge

The High-Performance Coach Program will have you tap into the same mental skills elite-level athletes use to gain an edge in their career.
Jay Hedley currently works with Alex Albon (Formula 1 Driver) and Michael Conlan (World Famous Irish featherweight Boxer) among many others.
Jay has also helped Gareth Baber and the Fiji 7s team win Gold at the Tokyo Olympics.
These mental skills are neglected by most coaches and trainers.
Neglecting these skills do more harm than good for coaches and their clients.
I don’t believe these mental fitness tools should be reserved for the elite.
It’s FTI’s mission to help every coach who goes through Functional Training Institute to experience long-term success in their coaching business by creating lasting, positive change in their clients, keeping them on-track with their goals, and consistently seeing positive results.
That’s why myself, Lynsey and Jay created the High-Performance Coach Program.
You’ll have 3 experts at the top of their fields, with years of experience in mental fitness skills walk with you side-by-side for the next 6 months of your journey with the High-Performance Coach Program.
Giving you all the knowledge we’ve picked up about the mental side of the game.
The modules are intentionally spread throughout a 6-month period, preventing information overload.
So you can easily apply your new knowledge on yourself and your clients as you move through your 6-month journey.
You can experience quick wins in your business and with your clients from the first week.
Before you make your mind up, I’d like to remind you of the bonuses you’ll receive.

In addition to enrolling into High-Performance

Coach, you’ll also get…

Strategic Alignment Coaching: Two 45-Minute Calls (Value: $1,045 AUD)

Strategic Alignment Coaching consists of TWO 45-minute one-on-one calls with Coach Tarek.
With 20+ years of experience in the fitness industry to tap into…
…and figuring out what it takes to build a successful business, Coach Tarek will work with you to strategically align your personal and business mission…
…giving you a tailored action plan of packaging up your knowledge as an expert.
You’ll walk away with a clear plan on how to create a super service and unique packages to offer your clients.
So you can quickly start monetising your knowledge and build a bullet-proof coaching business in 2024 and beyond.
You’ll possess a valuable skill set on how to use your knowledge in a unique way to build specific packages to get new clients who need them, so you can impact them in a positive manner.
You can also ask ANY questions about building and running your coaching business, so you’ll not only be an expert coach, but a successful business operator.

Developing a High-Performance Resilience Mindset - by Jay Hedley (value: $15 AUD)

High-Performance Coach - AUSactive Exclusive Member Discount

If you or your clients experience anxiety…

…then this book by Jay Hedley will show you to not only overcome anxiety, but harness its power to develop resilience and maintain high-performance.

Originally written as a guide for high-performance sports athletes, the methods were used in a coaching session with a CEO of a multinational corporation, who at the time experienced the same struggles as high-performance athletes Jay coached.

Jay soon realised these struggles weren’t specific to elite athletes, but it was

a high-performance challenge — an opportunity for people who had decided to challenge themselves at the highest levels of their capabilities.
So, Jay decided to broaden the focus to resilience in the face of the anxiety, in all high performance contexts.
And in this short book, you’ll discover how to use these strategies in yours and your clients’ lives.

Best-selling Purpose Driven Movement - by Tarek Chouja (value: $15 AUD)

High-Performance Coach - AUSactive Exclusive Member Discount

My best-selling book shows you my philosophy and system around functional training and movement.

You’ll discover everything from assessing, coaching, programming, and moving with purpose.

My Personal Guarantee

High-Performance Coach - AUSactive Exclusive Member Discount
You’re also protected by my 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
I’m so confident you’ll begin seeing benefits in how you approach and work with clients within 90 days, I’m willing to shoulder the risk.
All I ask is you give the High-Performance Coach program an honest go by completing Module 1 — Mental Skills Training within 90 days of enrolling.
If you aren’t completely convinced and feel you haven’t received the value I’ve promised, you can get 100% of your money back.

What's the Investment?

High-Performance Coach - AUSactive Exclusive Member Discount


You’ll be getting knowledge and mental skills techniques that have taken the three of us a few decades to gain.
In that time, we’ve worked with thousands of coaches and their clients to understand effective strategies to overcome mental blockages that lead to success in coaching.
You now have the opportunity to gain this knowledge in a tiny fraction of the time — avoiding the trial and error that goes with it — and begin putting these techniques to work with your clients.
And because I believe this information is so important, I’ve decided on an investment that’s within reach of anyone wanting to achieve mastery of the mental side of coaching and training.
So your investment is only…

Usual Investment - $2,500AUD

AUSactive Exclusive Member Discount - $1,750 AUD Only (30% Off)

You have an option of a flexible payment plan of (10 fortnightly payments of $192.50 AUD includes a finance charge of $175 AUD)
If you apply the techniques we give you, just helping a handful of clients will likely keep them with you for longer — making your investment back probably sooner than you think.
Leading to a robust and thriving coaching business because.
So why not give it a try? You’ve got nothing to lose since you’re backed by an ironclad 90-day money-back guarantee.
Just click on “Enroll Now” or “Book Your FREE Coaching Call” below to begin your journey.
P.S. Recap: The High-Performance Coach program is brought to you by THREE top Industry experts in mental skills techniques.
They will hand you the tools which make you a better communicator, listener, and give you the ability to ask the right questions.
So you can help your clients overcome procrastination, mental barriers, limiting beliefs, and challenges that hold them back.
Keeping your clients engaged, show up consistently, sticking to their program and committing to their fitness journey.
What does this mean for your business?
Greater retention and clients staying with you longer… and a sense of community, belonging, and progress.
You’ll walk away as a confident High-performance Coach, receiving THREE certificates — all accredited with different agencies.
Strengthening your image as a trusted authority as a coach, positioning you to attract clients with ease.
Providing you with unique knowledge and longevity in your career as a coach or trainer.
You’ll also receive:
A long list of fitness professionals have successfully gone through these individual modules or worked with these instructors to give them the mental edge in their careers.
But this is the first time these modules have come together into ONE program — giving you a powerful knowledge stack — and an advantage in your career as a coach.

Here’s a what a few coaches had to say:

“...engaging and informative learning opportunities I've ever had…”
"One of the most engaging and informative learning opportunities I've ever had. Opportunities to use the skills learnt were also common and relevant" - Charlotte - Mental health First Aid
“...a course that as many people as possible should be doing…”
"Excellent - a course that as many people as possible should be doing. Should be mandatory in all workplaces to have mental health officers" - Pia - Mental health First Aid
“...helped guide this Fiji Sevens team to the heights it reached in Tokyo…”
"Shout out at the guys at The Coaching Room, particularly Jay Hedley who helped guide this Fiji Sevens team to the heights it reached in Tokyo" - Gary baber (Won Gold in Rugby Sevens at the Tokyo 2020 Games) - High-Performance Mental Skills
High-Performance Coach - AUSactive Exclusive Member Discount
If you have any further questions or you’d like to talk to someone before investing in High-Performance Coach, you can also submit your details in the form below.
You can then book a time to speak to a coach, or they can contact you.
Or click on the chat function on the bottom right of this page and let the FTI coach know you’re interested in High-Performance Coach.
Stand out from the coaching crowd as a High-Performance Coach!
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