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Kettlebell Instructor Course Online

Level Up & Earn CECs with Courses Accredited & Fully Certified with International Organisations.

What’s Included in the Kettlebell Instructor Course?


Kettlebell Level 1 And Level 2 Bundle Course


Key Principles Of The Kettlebell, Its History And How To Effectively Use The Tool


Fundamental Kettlebell Exercises, Including The Swing, Clean And Press And Turkish Get-Up Exercises.


Advanced Theory Of Kettlebells And Kettlebell Training.


A Series Of Rigorous Double Kettlebell Exercises.


Complex Variations Of The Fundamental And Double Kettlebell Exercises.


Advanced Programming With Kettlebells


Engage And Undertake Our Advanced Kettlebell Challenge!


A Series Of Rigorous Double Kettlebell Exercises.

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Kettlebells Level 1 & 2

  • You’ll learn the 4 main lifts: Turkish Get-Up; Swing; Clean and Snatch.
  • We focus heavily on the technique and progressions of these key lifts that are the foundation for all other kettlebell movements.
  •  In addition, we cover key strength and motor neuron skill movements using single and double kettlebells. They are:
    • Press,push variations (floor and overhead positions);
    • Row/pull variations
    • Squat variations;
    • Lunge variations;
    • Stability hold variations
    • Rotational/3D movement variations (great for transferability to sports)

The course places a particular focus on the coaching and programming element which makes this course a great addition for sports coaches, personal trainers and exercise physiologists.

Why Kettlebells & Why Now?

  • Kettlebells have quickly become a staple training tool for the modern coach.
  • The versatility and functionality of the Kettlebell is unmatched.
  • Our Kettlebells Online Course will introduce you to this versatile tool, and teach you how to incorporate these fundamental Kettlebell movements into the programs your clients will love.

When you sign up for your Functional Mobility Course today, you’ll also get:


The Purpose Driven Movement eBook: The logical, comprehensive and road-tested guide to functional movement and fitness ($29 value)


Instant on-demand access to the Functional Mobility Masterclass ($299 Value)


 The FTI Monthly Newsletter that keeps you up to date on all things functional training and fitness business


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Our Testimonials

Josh Piterman

I own one of Melbourne’s Elite Functional Fitness studio’s “The Functional Project”. We have a database of over 250 clients and 4 fantastic trainers. It couldn’t have happened without injecting myself into the MFT course and clearly following the systems that were laid out to me. We have a 3 tier training system, that not only includes traditional PT but a Semi-Private Training system, which increases our earning capacity by up to 400% on every session. Learning this system alone is reason enough to take up the course!

None of these classes would be possible without the training and knowledge I gained from the MFT course and the constant ongoing support I get from the entire FTI team! I would highly recommend the MFT course to every trainer looking to increase their functional training knowledge and create a profitable business model.

Josh Piterman
Linda Petrovski

Since completing the MFT course I find I have really expanded my business and knowledge. I have become so much more confident in assessing and being able to help my clients in their quest to reach their goal not only in strength and fitness but help in so many other aspects. I have also been able to increase my hourly rate and have satisfied clients which equates to referrals.

I highly recommend the MFT to anyone who wants to grow their business and become a better trainer. The staff and coaches are great mentors, always willing to go that extra mile to help along the way. The trainers you meet help you become part of the MFT community, it’s like having a family of network and support. I truly thank you guys at the FTI for making a difference to my business and life.

Linda Petrovski
Jenni Bell

Every time I walk away from any event held by FTI I’m so inspired and excited. The BEST thing I ever did was sign up to the MFT program, and to decide to throw myself into all the courses I can. Not only is the content amazing, the people I’ve met inspire me greatly. Being surrounded by other ‘amazing’ coaches within the FTI community is second to none and so crucial.

Jenni Bell

Why Choose the FTI?

  • FTI is a Global Brand and has Educated over 5000 Coaches Worldwide in our Training Systems
  • Learn from World Class Trainers of FTI
  • Attract new clients & Increase member retention
  • Expand your skillset & Standout in your region
  • Facilitate great results for your members & Become Leading Trainer

About Functional Training

If you’re new to functional training, it can be overwhelming choosing what you want to specialise in. Our Functional Training Masterclass gives you a single day introduction into our primary functional training courses: Kettlebells, Powerbags, Battling Ropes and Mobility. This taster course is perfect for those just starting out in functional training and want to learn a little bit of everything. We have regular Masterclasses in all major cities.

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