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“MFT has given me a skill set that sets me apart from other coaches to empower and educate our tribe to move more efficiently and get maximum results to train for life. We have everyone from post-injury and ages clients to sports conditioning and they can all train under this system.”

Fiona Keable
— Institute Graduate

“The MRC course has increased client growth by teaching the correct movement of the body as a whole. The way in wich we move daily has a massive impact on our body. The support online and face to face along with group chat and discussion is truly supportive and extremely professional. Thanks for providing such great courses FTI, the knowledge and worth is in your training which has kept my business growing to be the professional trainer I have become.”

Natasha Peake
— Institute Graduate

John’s experience with Functional Training Institute”

John, Studio 57

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The FTI Experience

Andrew, TNT Fitness

MFT Josh Buss Testimonial

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