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Get empowered with the education and confidence to

optimise clients’ health and grow a successful business.

Get empowered with the education and confidence to optimise clients’ health and grow a successful business.

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Evidence based programs accredited with international organisations

Inspirational Training for Aspirational Coaches

Functional Training Institute delivers world-class, evidence-based programs to help fitness professionals coach effectively and increase earning potential.

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Get more clients

Develop better client relationships with impactful coaching and transformative workouts that take away their pain. By building trust and credibility, you’ll become more confident and receive more referrals.

Enrol now and receive a 10% discount off your course price.

Grow your business

Build a thriving business while building strong bodies. With guidance from experienced mentors, FTI equips you with the leadership and management skills to operate a successful fitness business.

Fulfil your potential

Become a leader with advanced functional training and injury prevention techniques. Whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced fitness professional, our courses will help you reach the top.

Stand out with world-renowned

functional training courses.

Master Functional Trainer Certification

Expand your knowledge of functional training concepts and build a strong business.

Learn how to break down complex movements into simple steps to educate your clients, apply your knowledge through practical application and develop training programs with ease.

  • Movement.

Learn the latest science of functional anatomy and how to assess clients properly with in-depth education.

  • Coaching.

Understand how to implement effective communication and feedback methods that actually deliver results.

  • Programming.

Learn the principles and best practices of functional programming with support from the goXpro app.

  • Consistency.

Science Based, Results Driven…Consistently Repeatable.

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Movement Restoration Coach Certification

Discover proven injury prevention strategies to support your clients’ fitness goals.

Optimise performance and minimise injuries by learning how to assess, correct and retrain clients with functional rehab protocols, co-designed with leading sports physio educators Rehab Trainer.

  • Movement Preparation.
Learn how to effectively use the resistance band to develop an advanced warmup program as preparation for training.
  • Recovery Systems.
Implement safe programs that allow the body time to adapt to the stress of exercise, by learning proven recovery training strategies.
  • Assessment Systems.
Learn how to assess for movement dysfunctions and how to retrain reteach correct movement patterns.
  • Corrective Systems.

Address imbalances and asymmetries in the musculoskeletal system by learning world-class Rehab Trainer protocols

Enrol this month and get 10% off

What FTI Graduates say

“The MRC course has increased client growth by teaching the correct movement of the body as a whole. The way in wich we move daily has a massive impact on our body. The support online and face to face along with group chat and discussion is truly supportive and extremely professional. Thanks for providing such great courses FTI, the knowledge and worth is in your training which has kept my business growing to be the professional trainer I have become.”

Natasha peake -Institute Graduate
 Natasha peake

This is one of the best courses I have attended, and offered so much more beyond the book in terms of information and practical application. Patrick breaks down the physiology of breathing, and how it affects performance, health, and physical well being.

Jen Li Sheng Genesis Gym Singapore senior instructor and 4 times Singapore Strongest Man. Sydney 2017 Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training Participant
Jen Li Sheng

The Oxygen Advantage is one of the best books that I have read this entire year… one of my favorite books in the world actually.

Ben Greenfield Author of the New York Times bestseller book, Beyond Training
Ben Greenfield

Let’s change lives!

Enrol now and receive a 10% discount off your course price.

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