COM Marketing – Ninja Program

So, you own a fitness studio, PT Business or Gym? You got into it because you loved it. But these days it just seems like a constant struggle. You’re always hustling for leads. You constantly see new studio’s popping up on what seems like every corner of your suburb. And you just can’t seem to grow past a certain number even though you’re working more hours than you care to admit.

We’ve seen the struggle over and over again. Studio owners who love what they do and have a passion to help people be fitter, healthier, happier and stronger. They are working hard, but no matter how hard they work they just can’t seem to get ahead. They’re trying to work out marketing but they’re a trainer, not a content marketer! They’ve tried agencies, they’ve tried doing it themself and nothing seems to work.

After seeing the same struggles one too many times we took everything we knew about growing fitness businesses over the last 20 years and built it into a unique & predictable growth system. We designed it specifically for fitness & wellness studio owners to help you understand WHAT you need to do to grow and the strategies and tactics to be able to actually do it (or hire the right people to do it). 

And it works! It’s not unusual for a studio owner to go through the program and double (or even triple) their studio in under 8 months. No marketing training, skills or prior knowledge. Just putting in the reps and following the plan. We call it the Marketing Ninja Program and we’d love to show you how you can grow your fitness business too. Click Here To Find out more About The Ninja Program