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Dan Henderson


Dan is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of The Functional Training Institute. In his own words: “I love the health and fitness industry and this has seen me own and operate 3 health and well-being companies – The Functional Training Institute, Coastal Bodies and Corporate Health Results. My passion for kettlebells developed 4 years ago in my own training. I was eager for a new challenge and the kettlebell provided this and much more. After some time I saw that there was distinct lack of teaching resources for personal trainers so in partnership with Tarek developed the Level 1 Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training course. I have had the great opportunity of training with 7 time Kettlebell world champion Vasily Ginko on 2 occasions and I am one of 10 Level 3 IUKL trainers worldwide. The training with Vasily and the preparation needed for the Level 3 course have seen and immense development in my kettlebell training and knowledge. My love of training is not just limited to kettlebells. I have a keen passion for all forms of functional and Rehab training and this has seen me travelling the globe to train with the best coaches worldwide. I have had the great pleasure of training with John Brookfield, Joey Alvarado, Ulrik Larson and Jason Green. It is my desire to continually grow and develop as an educator and impart this knowledge to other trainers worldwide. Knowledge will see you thrive as a trainer and the team at AIK have several courses that will lead to great results for both you as a trainer and your clients”.

Tarek Chouja


Tarek is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of The Functional Training Institute. In his own words:  “After years of training with Kettlebells , and after extensive research and training development, Dan and I developed Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training level 1. This fused my passion for fitness with a new found specialty in functional training. I have been blessed to have had extensive training in Australia and internationally with kettlebell legend Vasily Ginko; MMA conditioning expert Joey Alvarado; Battling Ropes founder John Brookfield and Rehab expert Ulrik Larson During my time with AIK, I have co written and produced Kettlebells level 1 and 2; Fundamentals of MMA Conditioning level 1; assisted in our Kettlebells and Powerbags for Rehab Training and more recently co-produced our CrankIt Fitness Suspension Training/Kettlebells course It is this knowledge and practicality that underpins AIK and I firmly believe that we practice what we preach and it all begins by practicing the most effective training methods the right way”!

Peter Kirk


Peter’s journey with AIK started back in 2009 while attending the companies first ever course! Dan & Tarek saw potential in Peter and invested time to bring him up to the standard of the Co Directors and employe him as the first junior trainer for AIK. Peter is now a Senior Instructor at AIK specialising in Level 1 & 2 Kettlebells, Powerbags & Battling Ropes Courses. His passion lies in the education of Kettlebells but in the last 2 years has focused solely on the Sport of Kettlebells ‘ Girevoy Sport ‘ which spawned from the 2 times Peter has spent training under Multiple World Champion Vasily Ginko whilst in Australia. Currently being coached by another Multiple World Champion MSIC ( Master of Sport International Class ) Sergey Rudnev, Peter’s goals are now set on achieving CMS ( Candidate Master of Sport ) 24kg category in Biathlon and the growth & education of Kettlebells / Girevoy Sport in Australia. Peter is the head of IKSFA (International Kettlebell and Fitness Association) in Australia, bringing Sergey Rudenev to the Aussie shores every year.

Jason Dick


I started with the AIK in 2012 after completing my Level 1 & 2 at the end of 2011. I was previously a manager for a WA Personal Training Company as well as getting my own business (IMPERIUM Personal Training) up and running. I had previous qualifications with AWF as an Olympic Lifting Coach, Thump Advanced Instructor, Fitball, Spin & Trigger Point. It wasn’t until I came across Kettlebells that I truly found my passion for strength & conditioning. Starting off not knowing how to use one, then doing the course with the AIK gave me a massive insight into the awesome potential of using Kettlebells to develop every aspect of my training. I have recently completed my Level 2 IUKL (International Union of Kettlebell Lifting) with 7 Time World Champion Vasily Ginko. The knowledge I gained from this course is invaluable. My knowledge & skills grew 10 fold in a full on weekend. I can’t wait to tackle the next level of accreditation with the IUKL and one day compete at the championships. I hope I can share my passion for kettlebells and fitness with you.”.

Boris Bojanovic


My experience with kettlebells started with the former Sydney Kettlebells in 2010. My love for the fun & versatile tool lead to me joining the AIK presenters team at the start of 2012. My passion in the fitness industry is in the science of movement. This journey has taken me through a degree in exercise physiology, powerlifting competition & coaching, being coached by an international kettlebell champion & taking on a variety of courses in rehabilitation. This path has lead to a focus on injury rehabilitation & corrective exercise which I now use to develop educational material for the AIK. I aim to use my knowledge & skills to bring up the standard of personal training in Australia to ultimately make exercise a part of every Australian’s life.

Krista Sirota



I worked as a radio journalist before moving to Australia in 2002 and entering the fitness industry; I’ve worked in small studios, huge gyms, outdoors in Melbourne winters and in the UK as well as Australia. Most of my work now is course presenting, with AIK, TRX, Trigger Point and as for PTA Global and PT Academy. Before I met the guys at AIK, I thought kettlebells were dangerous. I’d seen some dodgy instruction in my years in the fitness industry! But after having a look at the AIK course I was really impressed with the breadth and depth of exercises and knowledge the course offers. We really do want people to understand kettlebells can be used by any level of client! I started using the bells in 2011 and have recently completed my Level 2 IUKL (International Union of Kettlebell Lifting) with our mentor, World Champion Vasily Ginko; I’ve seen a huge increase in my own strength and fitness as a result. I’m proud to be a member of the AIK team and I’m really excited about all the fantastic courses we’re now running – I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm with you!

Andrew (Chaddy) Chadwick


Chaddy has 10 years experience in the Fitness Industry and is very passionate about up skilling Fitness Professionals. He also runs ‘Fit as a Fiddle Body Engineering’ in Brisbane focusing on effective, efficient movement thus taking his clients to a better standard of living. His introduction to Kettlebells was through the AIK Power Bags & Battle Ropes courses. He then endured a “Baptism of Fire” undertaking the Instructor Level Two IUKL Course conducted by 7 times World Kettlebell Sport champion Vasily Ginko. With his Army background and his ability to easily adapt to any sporting activity, Andrew has worked hard on up skilling himself to be able to share his knowledge and experience, especially in the field of movement and practical skills. He has been involved in Australian Rules Football as a Player, Coach and Strength Conditioning coach and has played over 170 club games at a Senior Level. He was fortunate enough to be the Strength Conditioning coach for the Queensland State Gaelic Football team that won the 2010 Australasian Championship. To further his knowledge on observing and explaining movement he is currently studying two different martial arts.

Shannon Pigdon

Shannon Pigdon

Shannon is the COO of Lonedog, a Personal Training facility which specializes in individualizing the Group Training Experience. Lonedog capitalizes on all the components of the AIK Master Functional Trainer Program to cater for clients varying from Olympic Athletes to retirees. Along with being a Senior Instructor for AIK, Shannon is also a course instructor for TriggerPoint Performance and TRX. An avid Girevoy (Kettlebell) Sport competitor, Shannon is a current athlete of the Girevoy Sports Australian National Team.


Kris Stumer

Kris Stumer

I’m a trainer based in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, and have worked as a trainer throughout Queensland for the last 5 years. My passion is for coaching better movement; exercise progression and a hunger for helping people achieve the best outcome possible. I was exposed to the kettlebell through Gray Cook’s dvd series and immediately wanted to know where I could find out more in Australia, and in the process came across AIK. After my very first workshop (and first time using kettlebells EVER) I was offered a position as an apprentice presenter, and began my journey to where I am today! The skills and experience I have gained from each course, presenter and most importantly by practicing what WE preach has been invaluable. I have gained so much more than I ever expected, not just for my business or as a professional but my own ability and performance as well. I love sharing my knowledge on the way the human body works during different exercises, and what we can do as professionals to help anyone achieve their goals through good technique and better movement quality.

Filipe Pereira

Filipe Pereira

I Have been passionately working in Fitness and Health industry for over 16 years. I have extensive high-level experience in the fitness industry working as a personal trainer since 2002, delivering functional training educational courses across South East Asia for the past three years, as well as managing multi-site fitness facilities in Singapore and Indonesia. I am passionate about implementing corrective exercise strategies into strength and conditioning training. My own education has been in the areas of Functional Strength & Conditioning, Sports Management and later specialisations in manual therapy and corrective exercise.

Always looking for the next trend, always expanding my knowledge in fitness education and lifestyle. Always looking to perfect and master the relationship between business and Fitness innovations.

Ben Gunn

Ben Gunn

Senior Coach, Trainer and Assessor with The Australian Institute of Fitness Level 1 Powerlifting Coach and Competitor with Powerlifting Australia Undertaking Strength Coach Mentorship with ESS Performance

I’m fascinated by the human body and have an absolute passion for helping improve the way we move.  When we move well, we feel better. When we think and feel better, everything changes.  As a teacher with The Australian Institute of Fitness I see the need for trainers to not only diversify themselves, but to do so by undertaking quality training, that ensures clients are kept safe and injury free, so that the foundations can be laid for future improvement.  All too often in gyms I see trainers getting their clients to do movements that well, they just aren’t ready for.  This not only puts the client at risk of injury, but kind of makes the trainer look like they don’t know what they are doing.  Here at the AIK we do the opposite of that.  At our courses I can honestly say that you will learn the most fun, effective and appropriate ways to introduce your clients to progressive and functional training tools.  Whether your clients are new to functional movement or experienced athletes, we have workshops full of awesome tips, ideas and skills to help take your clients to the next level.

Rob Harvey

Rob Harvey

Rob grew up in Port Macquarie with a natural love for playing sports from Surf Life Saving, Soccer, Surfing and Rugby. “I view functional training methods as the most effective way to prepare an athlete for sport, so as soon as I discovered tools such as Kettlebells, Battling Ropes and powerbags I was hooked. This is my future in the industry and where my passion is at”.

Rob has completed all courses with AIK and their partners (Crankit Fitness and RehabFX) attaining his Master Functional Trainer status and also the ear long intensive apprenticeship program. He has trained under Sergey Rudnev (Multiple World Champion and Master of Sport International Class) and is now a Certified Level 2 Kettlebell Sports Coach attained through IKSFA (International Kettlebell Sport and Fitness Academy).

Currently working several roles in the industry Rob teaches at the Australian College of Sport and Fitness; and is also a Fitness Instructor / PT for the YMCA Cook and Phillip Park Fitness Centre.

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