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A Trainer’s Guide to Female Health and Performance with Nardia Norman

In a recent podcast featuring Nardia Norman, a multi-award-winning trainer, speaker, and the creator of Australasia’s first Female Health + Performance certification, crucial insights were shared about women’s health and fitness. In this conversation, host Vanessa and Nardia discussed various aspects, including female physiology in training, addressing conditions like PCOS and Endometriosis, effectively managing pain in female clients, and optimising training during the menstrual cycle.

Nardia emphasised the importance of upskilling in women’s education for health and fitness professionals. She highlighted the shift in the industry, where trainers now have accessibility to diverse courses catering to women’s specific needs. According to Nardia, it’s no longer acceptable for trainers to use ignorance as an excuse, given the wealth of information available.

A central theme revolved around understanding female physiology and its impact on exercise. Nardia shared her experience working with high-achieving women who aimed to perform at their best in various areas of life. She encouraged a holistic approach to health, focusing on mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Nardia’s mission is to help women achieve full health, enabling them to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

The two discussed the challenges faced by women trying to balance multiple roles, such as corporate responsibilities and family life. Nardia addressed common complaints and challenges, emphasising the need for trainers to guide their clients through sustainable fitness practices. She challenged the black-and-white mentality prevalent in the industry and advocated for a more nuanced, context-driven approach to training.

A significant portion of the discussion revolved around the impact of lifestyle stress on fitness results. Nardia introduced the concept of physiological load, emphasising the importance of sleep, stress management, and overall well-being in achieving long-term fitness goals. The conversation challenged the notion of using exercise as punishment and highlighted the need for compassionate approaches to change.

Despite the positive shifts in women’s health advocacy, Nardia expressed concern about misinformation in the industry. The podcast underscored the importance of qualified professionals leading the conversation and emphasised the need for sustainable fitness practices.

In conclusion, the podcast provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of women’s health and fitness. Nardia Norman’s expertise and passion for empowering women underscored the importance of tailored approaches, inclusive fitness practices, and ongoing education for health and fitness professionals. As the industry continues to embrace the diverse needs of women, there’s a shared hope for a sustainable and impactful change in the fitness space.

Our favourite quotable moments:

“Ignorance is no longer something that you can rely on.” – Nardia Norman 

“You need to have a fundamental working knowledge of female physiology.” – Nardia Norman

“Fitness has to be doable, achievable, and sustainable.” – Nardia Norman



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About Our Guest:

Nardia is a no-nonsense business coach, dedicated teacher, and mentor tailored for professionals like yourself. With expertise in coaching for digital products and signature programs, as well as women’s education within the health and fitness domain, Nardia is your go-to expert if you’re prepared to step into a leadership role. Boasting multiple awards, she is not only a highly acclaimed trainer but also an accomplished speaker and education provider. Notably, Nardia stands as the visionary behind Australasia’s pioneering Female Health and Performance certification for fitness professionals, setting a new standard in the industry.

About Your Host:

Vanessa is a seasoned Movement Therapist with a vast array of skills and experiences in the industry. Her goal is to help as many people find betterment in their lives. She is known as a hybrid trainer, attaining high levels of education, and delivering a quality presenting experience in both group fitness and personal training streams. Attaining betterment drives her knowledge and pursuit for further education for herself and everyone she encounters. Vanessa continues training clients and trainers all over the country and presenting at the International Fitness Conference. Vanessa’s ethos is doing things BETTER.

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