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Fitness Myths and Client Connections with Stu Gatherum

In the realm of fitness, myths often overshadow facts, leading to confusion and hindering progress for both trainers and clients. However, in this enlightening episode featuring coach Tarek and seasoned fitness educator Stu Gatherum, these misconceptions were dissected and debunked, shedding light on crucial insights that can transform the trainer-client dynamic.

With years of experience between them, Tarek and Gatherum conversed about the common myths that plague the fitness industry, offering valuable perspectives on how these falsehoods impact the relationship between trainers and their clients. From the pressure to appear as experts to the importance of ongoing education, the conversation highlighted key areas where misconceptions can create barriers to success.

One prevalent myth discussed was the notion that trainers must exude an aura of infallibility, knowing everything about fitness and nutrition. However, Tarek and Gatherum emphasised the importance of humility and ongoing learning, encouraging trainers to embrace their journey of growth rather than pretending to have all the answers.

Moreover, the episode emphasised the significance of building rapport with clients by understanding their individual needs and concerns. Tarek and Gatherum stressed the value of creating a supportive environment where clients feel comfortable sharing their goals and struggles without fear of judgement.

Furthermore, Tarek and Gatherum underscored the importance of clear communication in dispelling myths and fostering trust between trainers and clients. By providing accurate information and addressing misconceptions head-on, trainers can empower their clients to make informed decisions about their health and fitness journey.

In conclusion, the episode featuring coach Tarek and educator Stu Gatherum offered invaluable insights into the world of fitness myths and their impact on the trainer-client relationship. By debunking misconceptions and emphasising the value of ongoing education and effective communication, trainers can cultivate a supportive environment conducive to their clients’ success. As the fitness industry continues to evolve, embracing a mindset of curiosity and openness to learning remains paramount for both trainers and clients alike.

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Our favourite quotable moments:

“The gym floor is your house. This is where you spend most of your time. There should never be anybody in there that you don’t know.” – Stu Gatherum

“Open questions are really important.” – Stu Gatherum

“Give them ownership of things and they’re starting to get more buy-in.” – Stu Gatherum

“We’re here to facilitate [the client’s] healthier lifestyle.” – Stu Gatherum


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About Stu:


Stu, an esteemed international educator within the fitness sector, is headquartered in the UK. As the driving force behind T2 Fitness and the esteemed T2 Awards, he provides top-tier education to both aspiring and established fitness professionals. With an impressive 23-year tenure in the industry, Stu has conducted courses and workshops across the globe. His foremost passion lies in nurturing individuals with similar aspirations, empowering them to forge their desired career paths.

About Your Host:

Tarek is the co-founder of the functional training institute and FitWell Education lab. 

Tarek is an international educator and speaker who has presented numerous times at the biggest convention in Australia, Asia and the US. In addition, Tarek has presented courses to thousands of trainers throughout Australia, Asia, the Middle East and South America. Tarek is also a best-selling author of ‘Purpose Driven Movement.

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