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Fitness Recruiting Secrets You Need to Know with Bekk Millwood

Dreaming of a career that sculpts not just bodies and minds, but your own future? Or maybe you’re already a fitness pro, but the treadmill of routine is leaving you uninspired? In a recent episode featuring industry veteran Bekk Millwood, founder of FLI Talent with co-host Vanessa Leone, the two discuss the secrets of fitness recruiting and how to achieve the career path you’re seeking.

Whether you’re a newbie eyeing that shiny personal trainer certificate or a seasoned coach looking to level up your expertise, Bekk’s insights are pure gold. She lays bare the exhilarating landscape of Australia’s booming fitness scene, with its cutting-edge studios and innovative approaches to health and wellness. But hold on, before you trade your sweatpants for a whistle, there’s more to the story than sculpted abs and motivational playlists.

Bekk sheds light on the current talent crunch in the industry, a stark contrast to the abundance of online certifications churning out hopeful trainers. The truth? Many graduates find themselves disillusioned, their theoretical knowledge failing to translate into real-world results. Bekk exposes the gap between education and reality, emphasising the crucial need for practical training and hands-on experience.

So, what does it take to thrive in this dynamic field? Bekk dives into insider secrets, applicable to both aspiring trainers and seasoned professionals alike. Networking emerges as a game-changer, with Bekk highlighting the power of industry events, mentorship connections, and proactive opportunity seeking. From building strategic relationships to showcasing your expertise, her actionable advice will equip you to navigate the fitness world with confidence.

But it’s not all about reps and sets. In the episode, Bekk dives deeper, revealing the often-overlooked factors that shape long-term success and employee satisfaction. Competitive salaries, attractive benefits, and a company culture that aligns with your values are essential ingredients for a fulfilling career. 

Don’t know where to start with navigating compensation and benefits? In this episode, Bekk empowers you to make informed decisions and negotiate like a pro.

Whether you’re a beginner eager to break in or a seasoned trainer seeking your next challenge, Bekk’s guidance is your ultimate training manual. She dispels myths, clarifies expectations, and equips you with the tools to chart your unique fitness career path. 

So, hit play, tune in, and prepare to sweat – the right way, of course! This podcast episode is a masterclass in building a thriving fitness career, no matter where you are on your journey. So, lace up your metaphorical sneakers and get ready to take your fitness aspirations to the next level!

“Everyone is coming [to Australia] because of the standard of the gyms that we have and the facilities that we have here, not to mention the boutiques that are including wellness…recovery and restoration.” – Bekk Millwood

“It goes back one step even further before the interview. Do you know the brand? What do you know about [the business you’re applying to]? Have you done your research?” – Bekk Millwood

“We don’t care about your qualifications or experience, we care that you’re a great human.” – Bekk Millwood



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About Our Guest:

Bekk Millwood, founder of FLI Talent, connects top health and wellness professionals with boutique fitness studios across Australia. Driven by her mission to build sustainable careers in the industry, Bekk has placed over 360 professionals in the past 3 years, averaging 120 placements annually. With her extensive network and keen eye for talent, Bekk helps businesses build high-performing teams, shaping the future of Australia’s fitness landscape.

About Your Host:

Vanessa is a seasoned Movement Therapist with a vast array of skills and experiences in the industry. Her goal is to help as many people find betterment in their lives. She is known as a hybrid trainer, attaining high levels of education, and delivering a quality presenting experience in both group fitness and personal training streams. Attaining betterment drives her knowledge and pursuit for further education for herself and everyone she encounters. Vanessa continues training clients and trainers all over the country and presenting at the International Fitness Conference. Vanessa’s ethos is doing things BETTER.

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