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Host Vanessa invited special guest Rhys James, the Training & Education Specialist at Technogym, onto the podcast. The two had an engaging discussion about revolutionising fitness through technology and innovation.

In this enlightening episode, Vanessa and Rhys explored the intricate components of performance, dissecting its physiological, biomechanical, psychological, and social dimensions. They emphasised the interconnected nature of these factors and their collective impact on overall well-being.

A significant portion of the conversation revolved around the pivotal role of technology in fitness. Drawing from his expertise at Technogym, Rhys highlighted the transformative potential of advancements like artificial intelligence (AI) and wearables. He explained how these innovations not only enhance the training experience but also foster self-awareness among individuals, enabling them to optimise their performance effectively.

The discussion also investigated the meticulous research and development process behind fitness equipment. Rhys showcased some of the innovative machines developed by Technogym, such as the BioStrength machine, renowned for its versatility in mimicking various types of resistance profiles.

One of the highlights of the discussion was the exploration of different resistance profiles and their applications in strength training. Rhys explained how the BioStrength machine offers a comprehensive range of resistance options, including eccentric overload, no inertia, viscous resistance, and isokinetic resistance. These profiles offer a myriad of benefits, from improving strength and muscle tone to preventing injuries and developing power.

Throughout their conversation, Vanessa and Rhys stressed the importance of education and open-mindedness in the fitness industry. They underscored the need for trainers to continually expand their knowledge and understanding of different training modalities to better serve their clients effectively.

They also touched upon the significance of integrating water-based training into fitness regimes. They highlighted the benefits of training in water, including its low-impact nature, which reduces pressure on joints and facilitates injury prevention and rehabilitation. Rhys shared his experience of utilising water-based exercises, emphasising its effectiveness in enhancing cardiovascular fitness and improving muscle strength. 

They discussed how incorporating aquatic training methods, such as resistance exercises and interval training, can offer a refreshing alternative to traditional gym workouts while delivering excellent results.

In conclusion, the conversation between Vanessa and Rhys provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of fitness, emphasising the pivotal role of technology and innovation. It served as a compelling reminder of the importance of staying informed, adaptable, and purpose-driven in the ever-changing realm of fitness, guiding both professionals and enthusiasts towards more effective and fulfilling fitness journeys.

Our favourite quotable moments:

“Performance is the complete balance of physiological, biomechanical, psychological, and social well-being.” – Rhys James

“Personalization and technology are inspiring people to work out.” – Rhys James

“[Technology is] definitely not something to be scared of (for trainers out there). It’s just going to enhance.” – Rhys James


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About Our Guest:

Rhys is passionate about sharing his diverse knowledge to empower others in the wellness industry. His experience spans from professional soccer to public health, shaping his expertise as a Format & Education Specialist for Technogym in Australia. Previously working at Technogym’s headquarters in Italy, Rhys gained firsthand insight into cutting-edge research and product development. Now, he aims to leverage this experience to expand the Technogym network in Australia through education and innovative formats.

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Vanessa is a seasoned Movement Therapist with a vast array of skills and experiences in the industry. Her goal is to help as many people find betterment in their lives. She is known as a hybrid trainer, attaining high levels of education, and delivering a quality presenting experience in both group fitness and personal training streams. Attaining betterment drives her knowledge and pursuit for further education for herself and everyone she encounters. Vanessa continues training clients and trainers all over the country and presenting at the International Fitness Conference. Vanessa’s ethos is doing things BETTER.

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