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Kettlebell Instructor Course Online

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This course is certified with Fitness Australia for 8 CEC’s

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Kettlebells have become a staple training tool for the modern coach. The versatility and functionality of the Kettlebell is unmatched. Our Kettlebells Level 1 Online Course will introduce you to this versatile tool, and teach you how to incorporate the fundamental Kettlebell movements into your programs.


In our renowned Kettlebells Level 1 Online Course, you will learn:

  • Key principles of the Kettlebell, its history and how to effectively use the tool
  • Fundamental Kettlebell Exercises, including the Swing, Clean and Press and Turkish Get-up exercises.
  • Program design with the Kettlebell
  • Engage and undertake our  Kettlebell Challenge!

The Kettlebells Level 2 Online Course is an extension to the Level 1 Kettlebells Course. Within this extensive course, you build on the foundations of Kettlebells with advanced double kettlebell exercises and theory. The Level 2 Course will establish you as a Kettlebell Expert and place you in an elite band of Kettlebell Trainers in the entire country!


In our renowned Kettlebells Level 2 Online Course, you will learn:

  • Advanced theory of Kettlebells and Kettlebell training.
  • A series of rigorous Double Kettlebell Exercises.
  • Complex variations of the fundamental and double Kettlebell Exercises.
  • Advanced Programming with Kettlebells
  • Engage and undertake our  Advanced Kettlebell Challenge!

This course is certified with Fitness Australia for 8 CEC’s

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