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Movement Restoration Coach Virtual

$2,500 $1,800

Get accredited in these amazing movement restoration concepts for only $1800


  • 5 Certifications
  • 7 Live Streamed Sessions
  • Entire injury prevention platform with hundreds of hours of content
  • Templates and downloadable manuals
  • Access to our VIP groups


Earn over CEC’s and Save Hundreds of $$ by acting NOW


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Product Description

Are you a trainer or coach wanting to increase your knowledge so you can maximise the impact you have on your clients?

If that’s the case, then the Movement Restoration Virtual is the right fit for you.

In this amazing package, we have put together the amazing movement preparation and rehab trainer protocols to ensure you become a coach who understands injury prevention first. You will learn:

  • Strategies to retain and keep your clients optimal
  • Design a preparation based program
  • Design a recovery based program
  • Learn and apply rehab protocols to add injury prevention into your coaching practice
  • Be equipped with the rehab assessment tools via the Injury prevention kit

The Movement Restoration Virtual includes:

  • Fundamentals of Movement Preparation training
  • Fundamentals of Recovery Training
  • Rehab FX
  • Rehab Express online
  • Injury prevention Kit

If you are a 1 on 1 trainer and/or group trainer wanting to add injury prevention techniques into your coaching practice to help more clients then this is for YOU.

Get certified and accredited in the convenience of your own time! How good is that…

But there is more

You get access to our Restoration Kick-start workshop which can be found:  Restoration Kick-Start Workshop

You will also get a copy of our best-selling book ‘Purpose Driven Movement’ to provide you an incredible tool and resource for your coaching journey.

The Total value of the program is $2500

Get it today for only $1800!



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