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Prep and Recovery Systems [Installments]

$100 / month for 4 months

‘Learn to master the science and art of Movement Prep and Recovery training’


What is it about? 


Learn the art and science of proper movement preparation and recovery methods all online and in the flexibility of your own time



Preparation and Recovery systems is the foundation for all coaches wanting to integrate effective and scientifically backed warm-up and cool down protocols into exercise based sessions.

These protocols are specifically designed to provide a personalised and customised approach to the preparation and recovery phases for 1 on 1 training; small group training or team training.

This incredible program is designed to give coaches a comprehensive and structured plan in the design and delivery of preparation and recovery protocols for a variety of sessions such as functional training circuits, strength programs, outdoor or indoor group training.

What is included?:

During the online training you will learn and effectively apply the following:

  • The RAMP protocol for movement prep: Raise, Activate, Mobilise, Potentiate
  • Utilising strength bands and mini bands for strength training
  • Devising preparation programs for different levels of clients
  • Partner training drills
  • Integration of proper breathing mechanics for recovery
  • Different stretching protocols including PNF, partner and static methods
  • Foam rolling techniques for recovery based training
  • Progressive relaxation techniques
  • Constructing recovery based programs and classes

Why do this program?

With an increase of stress in today’s society and improper programming methods leading to injuries, the incorporation of preparation protocols and recovery methods is paramount.

By better understanding how to construct preparation and recovery protocols, the level of injury prevention increases, providing a greater bio-psycho effect in the process.

Not only will you learn principles of injury prevention through these methods, you will learn how to retain clients and offer them a safe and progressive movement practice in doing so.

Increase retention and expand on unique service offerings as a progressive and ultimately highly competent practitioner of movement.

Accredited with FA for 8 CECs


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