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Want to burst through plateaus and really, truly grow your business?

Finally, an answer that isn’t just “hustle more, grind harder

Meet Janne. She was struggling to grow her coaching business past $6,000 per month.

Word of mouth & referrals got her this far, but something just wasn’t working anymore.

Janne had high hopes for her business,

But she was starting to get burnt out…

She wasn’t sleeping well…was even starting to be short-tempered with her family.

This wasn’t a life that she would choose.

But it was reality.

And something had to change.

Janne had been burned by coaches, so she didn’t want to talk to another guru promising the world who would ultimately just parrot the advice of Google and the average coaches out there.

Then Janne met Dan.

She knew something was different about Dan.

She could see it in his eyes.

But don’t take it from me. Here’s what Janne had to say:

What if there was a way you could…

…Generate 50+ per week consistently

…Feel at ease, comfortable and in control of every sales call

…Effortlessly position your product or service so you stand out from the crowd

…Build scalable offers that you can easily use to grow your business 10x

What would something like this do for your business?

How great would it feel to….

…Be a part of a Tribe of likeminded entrepreneurs?

…Serve more people, making more money – in less time?

…Become a master of your time and your mental states?

…Be the coach you were born to be?

That’s exactly what Dan Henderson & his team of experts help you do inside of Success Club.

A Sneak Peek Behind the Curtain

Inside Success Club, you’re going to find that things are much better than they are out there!

You’ll get:

  • 1:1 Strategy Session with Dan Henderson
  • Direct Access to The Vault (our treasure trove of systems and business trainings)
  • 2 Exclusive Live Sessions Per Week
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Quarter Virtual Mastermind Workshops

The things that got you to your current plateau won’t help you reach the next level. That’s why it’s so critical to be in a group of peers who are working hard (and smart) to achieve the results they KNOW are possible.

Having founded multiple seven figure businesses, Dan knows the value of the mastermind and of mentorship.

In fact, he’s spent 10’s of thousands of his own hard-won dollars to master the secrets behind sustainable business growth.

But it shouldn’t cost a fortune to get coaching and mentorship.

And now, it doesn’t.

All of this amazing training could easily cost $10,000 in a mastermind setting…

Or $3000 as a full course…

But it’s not going to cost you anything close to that!

A small weekly investment of $97 with no contract or commitment to continue. That’s it.

If you’re got overwhelmed by the value you’re getting inside Success Club, you can cancel at anytime you choose.

It really is that simple.

Join for Just $97 Per Week

Sign up for 12 weeks of support and pay just $97 per week*

Need an even better deal?

Sign up for 52 weeks of support and pay just $67 per week**

**Weekly subscription @$67 per week ongoing for a minimum of 52 weeks.
Should you wish to cancel your subscription the fee will be 50% of the remaining contract owing, and you must submit 14 days written notice to [email protected]

*Weekly subscription @$97 per week for a minimum of 12 weeks with the option of cancelling at any time after the 12 week period with 14 days written notice to [email protected].
Should you wish to continue with the subscription for another 40 weeks then the new weekly price will drop to that of option 1 @ $67 per week (all option 1 T&C’s apply).

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