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In 2012, I completed Level 1 Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training & Level 2 Advanced Concepts of Kettlebell Training.
One of the best reasons I like the course was the way it was written and structured. It was simple to understand, exciting and physically demanding (in which I love). All through- out the course we had fun and great support from our Coaches.
There are plenty of trainers out there who can pick up a Kettlebell, but very few are able to perform a basic swing let alone teach it. The course has taught us correct technique, which is paramount, and programming for our clients no matter their level. As a trainer, I have a great repertoire of tools in my PT Toolbox just from doing this course. It never gets old.
The Coaches walk the talk. They are out there training their clients with Kettlebells. They are teachers and athletes that are extremely knowledgeable in what they are teaching.

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