Mark Reid
Applicable, current and functional content delivered in an easy to replicate framework in terms of teaching and explaining to clients.
Leanne Coffey
The MFT Program has increased my knowledge and confidence in understanding functional training concepts. Rather than overwhelm me with a lot of new information, it has actually simplified things into a usable system that I have started using straight away. I can't think of another training course I have done that has been as effective for me.
Shaun d’Andrea
The MFT Program has had a massive impact on my personal training business. I have a client who has lost 17kg in the last 3 months mainly using bags, ropes, suspension and low impact cardio equipment. Her posture and basic movements have also improved out of sight.
Tracey Coughlin
It has had a big impact on my business in terms of my confidence in being able to coach my students properly and correct any "bad" form they have picked up elsewhere. I now have a great variety in my training
Jono Alcock
With the business model of Semi Private PT. I am currently running 2 classes 7 times a week. I honestly couldn't have done it without the MFT program. I recommend it every PT I know!!
David Okeby
Hands down the best course/s I've done. It has enabled me to stand out as an expert. My business has thrived off my knowledge.
Estelle testimonial
Estelle Wood
In 2012, I completed Level 1 Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training & Level 2 Advanced Concepts of Kettlebell Training. One of the best reasons I like the course was the way it was written and structured. It was simple to understand, exciting and physically demanding (in which I love). All through- out the course we had fun and great support from our Coaches. There are plenty of trainers out there who can pick up a Kettlebell, but very few are able to perform a basic swing let alone teach it. The course has taught us correct technique, which is paramount, and programming for our clients no matter their level. As a trainer, I have a great repertoire of tools in my PT Toolbox just from doing this course. It never gets old. The Coaches walk the talk. They are out there training their clients with Kettlebells. They are teachers and athletes that are extremely knowledgeable in what they are teaching.
ellie testimonial
Ellie Burscough
I did Power Bags and Battle Ropes over 2 days. I thought the instructor was great and he made me feel really comfortable. I was 20 something weeks pregnant at the time but thought it was great that I could still do most of the exercises. The instructor made sure everyone was aware of alternatives for pregnancy. I bought some powerbags and ropes at the course and use them on a regular basis. I have used them in bootcamp sessions with up to 15 people, small group sessions, one on one PT and for myself. I think it’s great to do functional training and to be able to use your whole body. I also think it’s great that you can get a cardio workout whilst doing strength based exercises. Great group of people at the course. Great instructor. Alternatives were given. Good progression. Good mix of theory and practical.

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