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Josh and Elise Buss, Think Fit

Went from a hobby to a real business which is having massive impact in the community. From a bootcamp with 25 people to a facility with over 150 people TO $600 per week to our highest point of $10k per week. We have multiple streams of revenue and business opportunities in other areas. The connections …

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Jono Alcock

How does one describe the Game Changer experiences? It’s something can really be told but has to be lived! The weekends we spend together in Sydney can only be described as magic! The energy and passion in the room is so strong it last long after the weekend has finished and the creative juices continue …

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Tara Brock Harris

Dan, Tarek and all of the trainers at FTI are committed to helping us become the best that we can be and show that leadership by being role models for us. Being asked to be a game changer was one of the biggest honours and after meeting everyone I found out we aren’t just a …

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Dave Okeby

If you’re someone that has drive, passion, belief and an open-mind to be challenged and changed then this is THE mentor program for you. The way I look at this program is like a gym membership. We all know people who join a gym, carry a key-tag and never go. Then there are those that …

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Dr. Joseph Mercola

Many know that I am a major fan of using simple, inexpensive lifestyle changes to avoid expensive and dangerous medications and surgery. The Oxygen Advantage®, which is an extension of Patrick McKeown’s work as a Buteyko coach, is one strategy that I believe should be included in your health habit arsenal. There simply are no …

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Jen Li Sheng

This is one of the best courses I have attended, and offered so much more beyond the book in terms of information and practical application. Patrick breaks down the physiology of breathing, and how it affects performance, health, and physical well being.

Andy Fisher

Patrick McKeown is a researcher and coach at the cutting edge of optimal breathing strategies. He works with world class athletes as well as everyday people, using simple exercises to help them to correct dysfunctional breathing patterns which can result in life-changing health and fitness benefits.

Danny Dreyer

Patrick’s book, The Oxygen Advantage® is a godsend for anyone wishing to improve their performance in a way that doesn’t involve hours of strenuous workouts, drills, and endless miles of running. I’ve been doing nose breathing for the past ten years and it has totally revolutionized my running and seriously dropped my effort levels… at every …

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Ben Greenfield

The Oxygen Advantage is one of the best books that I have read this entire year… one of my favorite books in the world actually.

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