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Where to start! - Growth; across membership and employees (pre-Covid we were sitting at 120-130 members trending towards 150) and had a team of 7 and 2 contractors. - Impact; serving not just more every day Australian’s with their health and fitness goals and empowering them to live a healthier lifestyle but also being an employer and educator to upcoming coaches and trainers in the industry. - Legacy; Just before COVID we were about to launch our secondary studio. In 2021 we are going to launch another 3 locations. This will mean we serve a greater amount of clients and members as well as help grow more fitness professionals and help them with their careers. - Pivot/Adaptability; The Game Changer program allowed TFP to survive and thrive in one of the worst case scenarios that no-one was prepared for. Dan and his team also inspired me to launch a secondary start-up while fitness businesses’ were closing left right and centre that aligns with our mission but serves a different segment of the market. - We’ve increased our annual revenue year on year since being in the program and 2021 looks to be our biggest yet. This has meant purchasing my dream vehicle, more freedom with my spouse, leading a killer team and also having the opportunity to take time off when I want to. Roy Hanford, The Fit Project

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