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3 Power Exercises with Functional Bags

Today, we’re bringing you an amazing video from Coogee Beach in Sydney! In this video, Rob Harvey from Dingo Sandbags shows us how incredibly versatile Functional Bags can be. The main benefit of Functional Bags is that they are a great intro to all the other resistance training, due to their soft construction. This allows you to do all the normal hip hinge movements to generate power with the legs and transfer it to the arms without the heavy landing of a bar or a kettlebell on your body.

In this video, Rob will show you 3 Power Exercises with the Functional Bags:


Sandbag Snatch

Very similar to a Sandbag Clean, however instead of coming to the chest, you will be lifting overhead. You will be using explosive hip with a shrug simultaneously to get the bag from the ground to over your head.


Jump Squat

Great for building athleticism, the Jump Squat can be done with a lighter functional bag as you’re trying to produce speed.


Overhead Throw

A great exercise to produce lots of power!


If you loved these exercises, check out our Fundamentals of Powerbags Course with 6 CECs. Also if you want to purchase the functional bags used in the video, check out Dingo Sandbags


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