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The MOST ADVANCED Kettlebell Complex Ever!

Have you ever wanted to push yourself to the absolute limit? Have you exhausted every other kettlebell complex and now need something even more challenging? If so, then this advanced kettlebell complex is for you! Featuring challenging kettlebell exercises, this complex is not for the faint heated and will really test you.


This advanced kettlebell complex is great as you only need a pair of kettlebells (I use 16 KG kettlebells, however feel free to workout with the weights that you are comfortable with) and an open space. Your local park will be perfect for this workout. Each movement contains 5 reps on each side, so do one side first before doing the other.


A complex is a great time efficient way to improve your conditioning. The rules of a complex are simple:

  1. One piece of equipment (Kettlebells)
  2. One Space (Outdoors in a small area)
  3. One Load (2 x 16 kg in this video)

This challenging kettlebell complex is very technical and requires skill and endurance. It will test your stability and coordination as well.


5 x Single Leg Burpees

This unilateral exercise will test your balance and hip stability. It is a challenging movement and that is why we place it first in this complex. Keeping the neutral spine and hips square is a paramount in this exercise.


5 x Alternating Cleans 

You need to time these cleans so as one lands the rack position the other drops. You need to keep the cleans tight and close to the body.


5 x Lunge Snatches

The lunge snatch needs to be timed perfectly so you descend into the lunge as the bell is travelling upwards. You need to be strong on the landing and stable both in the lower and upper body.


5 x Overhead Reverse Lunges

This is a real test of both your overhead and hip stability. You need to maintain a strong lockout as you move into the lunges.


5 x Double Windmills

This hip flexion-extension exercise is a challenge. You need to move through the hips whilst maintaining a strong lockout.


Ensure you complete one side and then the other. Complete all the exercises before switching sides. You can set a number of rounds or you can complete this for time.


If you want to learn more great exercises like this, then register for our Fundamentals of Kettlebells Level 1 and 2 Course with 7 CECs.



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