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Advanced Kettlebell Workout

This advanced Kettlebell Workout will test both your strength and endurance. It is the practical test for our Master Kettlebell Course and is challenging on all fronts.

The workout really tests your endurance and mixes up the movements to challenge you across the board.

This advanced kettlebell workout starts with 60 single kettlebell snatches. There must only be hand exchange and the number of reps from side to side is completely your decision. There must be a full lockout on the snatch and the bell cannot rest unless in the overhead position. Once the snatches are complete there is a 60 second rest.

The next movement is 10 Kettlebell push-ups over the kettlebells. The kettlebells are then double cleaned and placed in the rack position. You must keep the bells in the rack position for 60 seconds.

The rack position is followed by 30 double swings and then the most challenging component….. 30 jerks/presses/push presses. The recommendation is jerks as they will not fatigue your shoulders as much and you can generate more power. The key here is that there needs to be a complete lockout at the top and the bells cannot be dropped. They must be either overhead or in the rack position.

The last exercise of the workout is 30 double kettlebell rack squats. The squats must be to a consistent depth (thighs parallel to the ground).

The test is done with 2 x 16 KG for males and 2 x 8 KG for females. You may want to start with lighter weights and build up. The full test shouldn’t take much longer than 10 minutes and is a great workout.

If you want more information on our Master Kettlebell course then you can read about it here

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