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Barbell Overhead Press Form

The Barbell Overhead Press is a brilliant exercise when it is performed correctly.

Barbell Overhead press form is integral if you want to perform the lift safely and efficiently.

Too often people perform the lift with poor technique. This may include lifting with a sway back, not locking out the lift, hitching the upper traps or getting incorrect alignment with the barbell.

This video looks at the correct position and the key points that identify good technique. These include the following:

  • Locked out elbows
  • Shoulder blades retracted and depressed
  • The alignment of the bar should be through the shoulders, hip and mid foot
  • The abs should be braced and the glutes should be squeezed and contracted

The video also show the lift being performed incorrectly so you can easily identify what can go wrong with the lift.

Quite often a person’s mobility through the thoracic spine and hips can effect the efficiency of the lift. We look at a series of mobility drills and other exercises to enhance the lift in our 2 day ‘Fundamentals of Barbell Training’ course. You can read more about the course here:

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